April 19, 2024

11 Common Human Resources/HR Interview Questions for Freshers

  • Tell me something about you
  • Why did you choose this profession?
  • What is your passion?
  • What is your dream job?
  • How do you deal with stress and pressure?
  • Are you willing to relocate?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What is your greatest achievement?
  • How do you plan to achieve your career goal?
  • How much salary do you expect?
  • Do you have any question for me?

As a recent college graduate, initial job interviews can be intimidating. Many questions may arise such as How do you present yourself in an interview? What is the best dress code for interviews? More importantly, what HR interview questions would you ask yourself

If you are a beginner and are going through an upcoming job interview, this article will take you through 11 of the most frequently asked HR interview questions for beginners.

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Let’s Begin!

Tell me something about you

This is as basic a beginner HR interview question as breaking the ice between interviewer and candidate

Aside from this, when the recruiter is asked to “tell me about yourself,” the recruiter wants to know what else you can talk about that isn’t already on your resume. Here is a sample of what you can say for a beginner HR interview question,

“I finished my MA in English from ABC University, where I mentored our management journal editorial team.

From theme creation to widget editing, I learned a lot from my professors who gave valuable feedback on our work and helped us improve with each modification.

This also helped me during my internship at DXV Publishing Ltd, where I received the Trainee of the Month award as my story garnered many positive responses from readers and helped add new perspectives to the content produced.

I’ve been following your team’s work for a while and find it really interesting and in line with what I’d like to work on. I know there is a long way to go in terms of learning and it would be great to work with your team.”

Why did you choose this profession?

Another common entry-level HR interview question is, “Why did you choose this career?” It finds its place in the list of top priority.

The reason recruiters ask this question is to ensure that the candidate is genuinely interested in the field, without which they will turn in at the slightest spectacle of challenge. You can answer this HR interview question for beginners as follows.

“I have always had the ability to write, & given the changing dynamics of the digital space, the content space is becoming more important in growing the business.

With the help of your planned digital marketing strategy, you can help increase business revenue and target more customers everywhere.

I have just started my career and the changing dynamics of digital marketing is a topic of great interest to me and I would like to do it with one of the best teams in the field. “

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What is your passion?

This entry level HR interview question allows the employee to understand various aspects such as your personality traits outside of work, whether or not you will fit into the team well, etc. You can answer them “What are you passionate about?” in such way.

Example, “My parents always encouraged us to participate things like music, sports and dancing, as it helps in developing discipline. I signed up for music lessons when I was 5 years old and quickly became passionate about it.

So far, I keep to myself an hour or two, where I can practice my music. This helps me relieve stress and also works as a form of meditation that helps me calm down and focus.”

What is your dream job?

This is one of the most common HR interview questions for beginners that recruiters ask to understand what a candidate’s goals are and what makes them feel motivated.

It is important for recruiters to understand these factors, as they want the candidate to be with the organization for the long term.

Here’s a way to answer the HR interview question “What is your dream job?”

“I got a medical degree because it inspired me to see my grandfather save lives and help people and I wanted to do the same. However, working as a resident highlighted some technical issues in the latter’s drive to help people. One such important factor is the availability of medicines to all strata of society. .

But another major obstacle in solving this problem is my lack of experience and knowledge, so I decided to enroll in an MBA course for that and work to help the poor get better medicines.”

How do you deal with stress and pressure?

Stress and pressure are an integral part of working life and are completely unaffected by any stress and pressures that you may face in college.

This makes it an important question in the set of HR interview questions for beginners, as it gives them insight into how you work under pressure and pressure at work.

You can answer “How do you deal with stress and pressure?” in the following way.

“With today’s fierce competition across the board, tension and stress are inevitable.

However, I think some tension is good to keep challenging yourself and this works out perfectly at my own pace.

But when it gets overwhelming, I let go of negative energy by playing badminton or playing music, because it helps me calm down.”

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Are you willing to relocate?

Sometimes the job may require moving to a different city and “Are you ready to move?” It can help them to reduce the number of willing candidates.

You can answer HR interview questions for beginners as follows.

“Yes, I am ready to move on. I have no obligation as such here and since this is my first job I am more interested in learning the tricks and tricks of the job. In addition, the opportunity to develop the job profile is enormous and I have no problem moving into such a This is a wonderful opportunity.”

What is your greatest strength?

It is very important for a person to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses as it helps them navigate through daily working life in an efficient manner.

Also, “What is your greatest strength?” It helps the recruiter to understand whether the candidate is suitable for the position or not. Here’s how you can answer HR interview questions for beginners.

“I think one of my greatest strengths is that I am very in control. I have never had a breakdown, even when I was under a lot of pressure and stress. I think it has become very important to be able to tackle a problem without feeling stressed, as it can complicate the situation”.

What is your greatest achievement?

Outside of HR interview questions for beginners, this question is more general in nature. Recruiters generally ask this interview question to assess what you consider important and why, whether or not you are ambitious enough to apply.

Can you answer “What is your greatest achievement?” in the following way,

“I think my greatest achievement was that when my article was published in a prestigious magazine and was appreciated by a nobleman in the field. He reached out to him later and a conversation with him helped me gain a much deeper understanding and his comments also helped me improve my work.”

Tell me how do you plan to achieve your career goal?

The recruiter always wants the candidate to be with his company for the long term. Therefore, they will be inclined in favor of those candidates who not only have a specific career goal, but also have a ready-made business plan for this.

So, How do you plan to achieve your career goal? It’s one of those HR interview questions for beginners and here’s how you can get back to it.

“I have planned and divided my career goals into long and short term, this helps me focus and achieve my goal easily. I am currently looking forward to completing an online SEO course as it is an essential part of my job as a content writer.”

How much salary do you expect?

This is one of the most common HR interview questions that will come up in every job interview as you advance in your career.

This is way you can answer them “What salary do you expect?” in the following way.

“It’s a great question, can you share the amount you give to someone newer in the same job profile? Thanks for sharing, I’m fine about the amount indicated.”

Do you have any question for me?

This is one of the beginner human resources interview questions that you should prepare to answer. Staff always ask “Do you have a question for me?” YOU can ask them question regarding if you have any confusion or even if you have other questions about the company/job profile, etc.

This also indicates to the recruiter that you are really interested in the job and that you have done extensive research to prove it.

In conclusion, we hope that these 11 HR Interview Questions for Beginners will be helpful.