July 17, 2024

15 Afghan students are studying Hindi at Kendriya Hindi Sansthan in Agra this year

central hindi college

The Central Indian Institute of Agra is one of the few educational institutions in the country that has taken a prominent place on the world stage by imparting Hindi knowledge to foreign students.

This is perhaps the first institute of its kind in India where foreign students come and study Indian culture and develop a love for this country. After learning Hindi at this institute, they go back to their countries and promote India and Indian culture there. That is why foreign students are eager to come here to learn Hindi.

Number of international students studying Hindi at Kendriya Hindi Sansthan

Currently, 52 out of 100 foreign students selected to study Hindi at Kendriya Hindi Sansthan, Agra have given their consent, while the admission process is delayed due to the non-approval of the rest of the students.

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15 students from Afghanistan

A senior institute official said that based on requests from embassies, students from 31 countries were selected for admission, including students from 25 countries who agreed. Most of them are Afghan students, their total number is 15. 30 Afghan students have been selected by the institute for admission.

Dr Jogendra Singh Meena, Head of Hindi International Teaching, says that an attempt has been made to obtain approval by sending emails twice to all selected students, but has not received a response. So far, only 52 students have received consent.

Social activist Vijay Upadhyay said that foreign students are very interested in coming to the institute and studying. But this year, it came as a surprise that the institute had to send emails to 20 students who remained on the waiting list, asking for their approval. He said that the admission process to this institute could not take long. Preparations are reportedly underway for an orientation for approved students next week. Hindustani Biradari Vice President Vishal Sharma saw fit to say that foreign students studying at Kendriya Hindi Sansthan have all kinds of facilities so that they do not feel treated as outsiders. In fact, if these students go out to the markets, they will be greeted by the locals in Agra and treated with respect.

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Sharma said it was an unfortunate situation when foreign students at this institute were sometimes seen causing trouble in the markets after drinking alcohol. He said that whether the student is a foreigner or an Indian, he should never exceed his limits.