May 20, 2024

8 Education tips for CA CS examination

ca cs tips

Chartered accountancy(CA) and Company Secretary(CS) are two courses that commerce students look forward to in taking as their career. The opportunities and growth for chartered accountant and company secretary are so much that lakhs of students apply for the ICAI and ICSI every year. Much like every other entrance examination, CA and CS needs prior dedication and preparation to ace and get into the university. The examination for both has three equally tough levels. Often students take up coaching and study guides to ace CA CS examinations. One of the biggest difference of a CA and a CS is that while Chartered accountant deals with economics and accountancy, the Company secretary is all about legal and law. Getting into the final levels of these examinations might be tough, but it is not impossible. Here are a few education tips for CA CS to prepare yourself for the exams.

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  1. Time Management

Learning to manage time is quite important when you are preparing for CA exams. Creating a strategy to manage your time is necessary if you want to get through all three levels of the examination. Make sure you stick to the plan and spend a minimum of 6-8 hours for studying.

  1. Daily Study

Consistency is important. Make sure to leave some time for studying daily. While studying for 11- 12 hours a day can tire your brain, try to spend at least 8 hours. Practice questions from each subject, work out previous years question paper and try to finish them within the time limit. You can even keep a healthy competition with yourself to break the time in which you compete with each paper, to something faster than the previous one. The daily study also helps to revise until you become through with a subject.

  1. Self-evaluation

Take your time out to evaluate yourself. See your progress, take a look into your strong and weak subjects. Strategize a plan to handle the weak subjects. Make your strengths stronger and your weaknesses, your strength. This would help you score well.

  1. Practice

Practice makes a man perfect. It can help you boost your confidence and familiarize yourself with questions. Practising previous year question papers keeping a timer would also help you solve questions at a faster pace. Speed is as important as being strong in the subjects as all you would have is three hours and more than 80 questions to solve.

  1. Be healthy

One of the biggest mistakes students who prepare for CA CS exam does is they follow a very unhealthy lifestyle. Sleep for 7-8 hours. Don’t take too much stress as it will not help. Make sure you eat your food on time and in a healthy manner. You would be able to give your 10 % only if you are healthy. Studying requires energy, and one needs it by taking proper breaks and rest and not pressurizing oneself.

  1. Mock exams

Some several websites and institutions conduct mock exams for CA and CS before the original exam. It is quite possible that you might be nervous and stressed about the exams. Taking the mock exams would help you to prepare and to foresee on what to expect while attending the real examinations. Further, they also help you to evaluate your practice and see where you stand among the crowd.

  1. Stay positive

We get t that preparing for an exam which not just one of the toughest exams but also the most competitive is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work and sacrifices. You might not be able to hang out with your friends or family or get involved in entertaining activities. And as much as stressed as you are, it is also important to stay positive. Staying positive helps a lot in your performance levels. Staying calm and positive would also help you to think straightly and boost your confidence. You can even try meditation to be calm and stay positive.

  1. Be specific

You need to remember that the invigilator who looks through your papers also check through hundreds of other students. Often even they would get tired of looking through the same things. Be specific to the point of the question. Highlight your answers with an underline as this would make the job of not just the invigilator easy but gain his/her attention as well.

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