February 9, 2023

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Another word for Artificial Intelligence is Machine Intelligence. The basic definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when machines or computers perform Cognitive Functions that are basically associated with the human brain, for example, thinking, solving problems or learning.

The following are the three types of Artificial Intelligence systems:

        Analytical Artificial Intelligence

        Human-inspired Artificial Intelligence

        Humanized Artificial Intelligence

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence in India, earlier many misconceptions were associated with the term as people were afraid that the technology of AI and machine learning will lead to lesser demand for human jobs. Not realizing that the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence can be seen in the results of major economic activities such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure among other fields. Artificial Intelligence can be used to develop smart solutions to modern problems at any level. The major reasons why AI is preferred for so many fields are because, firstly the accuracy with which results are obtained. The probability of getting errors when using AI Technology is low.  Secondly, there are some activities which humans can’t possibly perform and hence AI technology is used to perform those activities such as mining exploration or ocean exploration.

As the idea of Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more support, people are seeking to build a career in this field. There is a great scope of AI in India because the aim is to develop a technology-oriented work environment, for efficiency and perfect solutions to different problems.

The scope can be found in the following areas such as Robotics, Game Development, machine for detection of language, education powered by AI, Healthcare, Home service robots, speech recognition machine, cybersecurity, precision medicine, precision farming among others. The scope of Artificial intelligence in India is wide as India is a developing country that is becoming more technologically advanced by the day and needs to access the latest technologies.

 Education, Finance, Marketing, and Aviation are other areas where Artificial Intelligence can help transform the way business works. Interestingly, a decade from now Artificial Intelligence will help create thousands of new jobs for Indians. If you have heard of the term AI-Augmentation, you will be relieved to know that India being the second-most populous country in the world, needs to generate more employment, and AI-Augmentation meaning a Combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence where both are needed to complete a job, will help to increase the Employment opportunities for Future India.

 The current status of Artificial Intelligence in India is that it is at an adoption stage. Startups and businesses are getting acquainted with the idea of using Artificial Intelligence in their Business for more growth. According to a source, around 500 startups and businesses are using AI domains. Most of the growth in AI in India can be seen in the private sector. The government sector in the NITI Aayog (known as the Government Think-Tank) plan, developed a National level Strategy for bringing Artificial Intelligence in India. Even though the private sector has the major share of AI services in the industry but the government sector is still the largest customer for data science in terms of the Indian economy. 

Currently, there are only a few areas of application of AI technology. The activities of automation include automation of the major business processes, using Chatbots to deliver to the consumers better services, image recognition is also used in some fields. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform each sector of the economy for the betterment of society as a whole. There is not just one technology under AI, but there are various useful technologies such as self-improving algorithms, pattern recognition, machine learning, big data files. With time, the scientists keep developing new AI technologies.

To pursue a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, one should have a strong foundation in the following subjects:

        Mathematics: Having an in-depth knowledge of Maths is important. Especially the topics of Algebra, algorithms, calculus, etc.

        Science Subjects: including engineering, physics, robotics, etc.

        In-depth knowledge of Computers

        Learning of Programming languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.

There are a few types of potential AI jobs that will become common in the coming decade such as Data Detectives and AI-assisted Healthcare Technical jobs.

Currently, there are many start-ups and business that sell their AI services that are mostly based in Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and other major cities in India. Some of these services are Chatbots for various languages, assistance for online shopping, consumer data analysis, etc.

There is a long road ahead for AI technology in India. The prospects and plans for bringing Artificial intelligence into more fields have been and will remain promising. There is immense scope for science students, engineers, etc. in this field. Various short term training programs are also offered by the top companies of the world namely, Google, Microsoft, and Intel, etc. In various existing courses such as B. Tech, subjects of AI, machine learning are added as a part of the course curriculum.