July 18, 2024

Best career opportunities for business administration graduates in 2021


An unpredictable situation can get in the way of many career paths, but it also creates a new exploration journey in the business management career for recent graduates.

The Competitive Business Administration Exam will be held in November. According to the notification provided by CAT, students (Common Admission Test) taking this test for the first time have many questions asked.

The general questions that each student can ask are course selection, job description, and future scope. The research found that companies offering vacancies related to business administration jobs and seeking to hire employees as graduate students or business administration graduates.

The post graduate course in the field of business administration is increasingly demanding and students who come from different courses prefer to do it. According to data sources, admission to the MBA program is not just business administration, but it is receiving more admissions from engineering and science students as well as business. The reason behind this demand is that companies prefer degree holders because of their skills while they are studying over other degrees.

A great opportunity in the field of business administration is available to graduates in many ways, with good salaries, whether in a business or government sector. The various opportunities to pursue business administration graduates are as follows:

Marketing manager

Marketing manager jobs are for those who come from business administration or marketing subjects as electives. Primary responsibility includes strategy development and management of marketing, promotion and advertising operations.

Language and communication skills play an important role in applying for this position. The marketing manager is responsible for marketing and business expansion using specific skills, plans, budget, and research.

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HR director

The most important job role for each company is the Human Resources Manager, who is in charge of managing the workforce such as hiring new employees, payroll, training, consulting, strategic planning, etc. Today, students prefer Human Resources as subjects due to the high market demand and the industry is hiring for this position from all corners of the world.

If someone is looking to land a job in this field then they can play this role with a higher level of understanding as they are tasked with managing managerial roles, HR functions such as recruitment, selection, labor relations, compensation and payroll Processing.

Business consultant

To expand any business to the highest level, a consultant is needed who can guide the company towards growth and project expansion. Therefore, there is a business development job or consultant for this responsibility.

For small budget / high budget / multinational / SME companies, all companies need a business advisor who has a focused plan to expand their business. They are responsible for preparing the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. They focus on growth through small expenses and increase revenue, and advise managers on organizational changes in the business model for economic growth.

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Business analyst

The job role of business analysts is to provide an analysis of their research and deliverables for whatever project is assigned, and then break the work down into smaller and smaller pieces through tools and techniques. Various projects involve the analysis of a successful implementation through the use of a feasibility study, the selection of software packages, the improvement of processes, etc.

This job includes basic knowledge of data, Excel, and some technical aspects of IT. The package for this position is good and is mostly preferred by MBA graduates.

Director of Public Relations

Communication skills are the most preferred skills for applying for public relations. Basic knowledge of content writing is essential for writing the press release, which is the most important thing in the PR industry.