April 19, 2024

Best Online Courses to Improve Your Technical Skills

Technical skills courses

Online courses or e-learning are the buzzword today, and more and more people are understanding their needs. Popular online courses are a great way to improve your skills and add certifications to your portfolio. Continuous improvement of skills is the need of the hour and hence the demand for online courses.

The 5 most popular online courses listed below. However, there may be individual preferences, but the most requested and recommended by recruiters are detailed below.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Professional

This is a great certification for process and quality improvement and is widely accepted and required across all industries. Offers a suite of technologies and tools that focus on customer requirements while reducing manufacturing variance and improving process quality. Certification provides huge career opportunities and exceptional salary 28% higher.

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Financial Modeling Using MS Excel Foundation and Advanced Course

The benefits of this are quite a lot and the biggest one is an 18% higher salary when building knowledge in Advanced Financial Model Maker with Excel. Provides an in-depth understanding of the steps involved in building financial models using Microsoft Excel. This degree is widely accredited by MBA students, commerce graduates, investment bankers, business analysts, professionals in corporate finance, project finance, or any finance and commerce professional seeking to enhance their knowledge of the techniques and implications of financial modeling.

Certified Project Management Professional

This course is essential for project managers in any field, be it IT, construction or any other sector. It is a globally recognized certification that highlights project execution capabilities in the most professional manner. The certification is based on the fifth edition of the PMBoK Handbook and must be passed along with other prerequisites to become a Certified Project Management Professional.

Courses for IT Skills

Big Data Developer and Hadoop

This is one of the best on-demand courses and has the biggest advantage of getting 52% higher salary after completion. This course provides knowledge and skills for Hadoop development that includes an introduction to the Big Data ecosystem, Hadoop Architecture, and MapReduce frameworks, starting with constructs along with discovery technologies such as Pig, Hive, HBase, ZooKeeper, Oozie and Flume. It is a great course for Java developers, architects, big data professionals and professionals who are looking for careers in Big Data and Hadoop.

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Six Sigma Certified Professional Black Belt

This certification, a great tool for industry professionals, is perhaps the most important question of all job descriptions. Recruiters prefer candidates with this certification and often command 18% higher salaries than their peers. This certification is the largest and most recent in Six Sigma and is intended for professionals seasoned with the Lean Six Sigma methodology and working on improvement projects. This certification provides a deep understanding of all aspects of DMAIC and in-depth knowledge of how to perform and interpret Six Sigma tools and how to use standard Lean principles.


These courses offer in-depth subject knowledge and certification at the end, which often proves to be the great game-changer for many candidates in terms of personal growth, salary increases, new jobs, etc. As the world moves, it is wise to keep up with it by staying ahead of the game and reaping the many benefits it has to offer.