May 20, 2024

Career after 12th in Arts and Humanities

Life is often about the decisions we make at the right time. More often than not, the decisions we take have the power to change our life by 180 degrees. One of the most important decisions one might take is when it comes to choosing their career after 12th. Most of the kids nowadays find it quite difficult to take a decision regarding the stream of career they want to go into. While most of the students who have completed a science opt for engineering or medicine, students who studied art and humanities find themselves being pressured into making a decision. It has been found out that in India more than 85% of kids select their careers what their parents wish and more than 60% of them doesn’t have an interest in it and often drop out. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of knowledge of the extensive option of courses after 12th. Here are some of the career options for students who did their 12th  in Art and Humanities.

  1. B.A – Bachelor of Arts

This is one of the most traditional courses that students who have studied art and humanities opt to. While the students choose a single subject, such as a language, today there are far more options in the BA. In fact, there are various types of BA courses that are available and can be done by not just students who had 12th in arts and humanities but even for those who did science.  Some include:

  • BA in humanities in Social sciences

If you are a fan of social science, economics, and related subjects, then this is a perfect choice for you. The course has wide popularity in states like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. Further, the course is also offered by top universities in the country like BHU, JNU, MIT, Amity, etc. You also get to explore career after 12th in fields like NGO, Human resources, genealogy, etc

  • BA in Arts

For those who are deeply interested in the arts can take up courses related to BA in arts which includes applied arts and Visual arts. The course is available in almost every art college in the country and some of the famous ones include MSU, Baroda, DU, CKP, Karnataka, etc. For those who are interested in this stream, awaits career in the fields of graphic and communication design as well. 

  1. B.F.A – Bachelor of Fine Arts

A BFA degree can be taken for all those who are looking forward to being artists, performers or even musicians. It is the right choice for students who are into creativity. BFA opens a wide number of opportunities for students with creative talent. They not only get to explore courses like sculpture making, live portraying, pottery, performing arts, photography, but also have a wide option in a career in digital media arts, animation, graphic design, etc. Some of the popular colleges across the country that offer the course include RBU, BHU, Amity, MIT, and MSU. 

  1. BBA – Bachelor of business administration

BBA is an amazing option for courses after 12th, especially for those who are interested in Business management and such. While the most common subjects in BBA include Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Statistics, and Accounting, over time some other subjects have also been introduced. Some of them are:

  • Event Management

If you love to organize or conduct events related to any theme, this is meant for you. The course teaches you public relations, business laws, planning, and human resource management. It helps you not just run small events, but even large events that have a lot of investment in it. 

  • Hotel Management

Hotel management and hospitality is an industry that has gained wide attention for quite some time now. The course has various subdivisions including tourism management. The scope of these courses is so high as they would never run out of business. Skilled professionals are always required when it comes to managing huge hotels and tourist resorts. 

  1. BA LLB 

BA LLB is an integrated law course for those who choose art and humanities. The course duration is 5 years and once you complete it, there are various opportunities awaiting. The field of practice differs with specialization and there are numerous options including banking, business, property, consumer rights, public international laws, etc. 

With so many courses out there after completing 12th arts and humanities, choosing them is not a difficult option. Find where your interest and heart lies in and take it up. All these courses listed out here, come with wonderful career opportunities that would take you into a long way. 

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