May 20, 2024

Career Prospects Of Hotel Management


Gone are the days when engineering or medicine was the only course which had a great career option. A lot of new courses have come with great career opportunities, and there is a rush of students for them. Hotel Management was a course that has been there for quite a while, but it is gaining popularity recently, thanks to the booming tourism and hotel industries. They have become so popular that they contribute more than 50% to the Indian economy and the doors of opportunities are open than ever.


To start a career in the hotel management field, the first thing you need is to be eligible for that. While there are many hotel management courses out there that one can make u as a diploma, the best way is to get a bachelor’s degree in hotel management. Doing an MBA in hotel management would also further help you to know the industry and get into it.

Hotel Management is a three to the four-year course in which one can get exposed to various topics related to it such as food production, food and beverage management, front office, accommodation management, public relations, hospitality, etc. You may be interested in reading: English Speaking Institutes In India

Career options

There are a wide number of hotel management career options that lie I in front of someone who has completed their degree in hotel management course. Some of them include

  1. General operations

In every hotel, there must be someone who can look over the main departments and its functioning. They are responsible for the administrative functioning and coordination along with other departments, including staff, finance, quality control, and customer care. The job of a general operations manager is filled with so much responsibility that they can either make or break the name of a hotel.

  1. Front Office

The front office is where the customers come indirectly. It is where the guest is received, booking is made or canceled, where inquiries are made, and guests are mainly handled. The front office controls activities related to the comfort of the guest when he enters your hotel to stay. Further services like bell boy, housekeeping, receptionist, information services are also handled by the front office.

  1. House Keeping

No one would like to stay in a hotel that is not well kept and maintained. The housekeeping is responsible for seeing that the lobbies, rooms, and the hotel space are kept neat and clean. They ensure that the guests are served with all the facilities they want to make the experience of staying at the hotel a pleasant one. There would be floor supervisors, room servicing, linen supervisors, etc. who are part of this department.

  1. Food and beverages

This might be one of the most important departments in the hotel. After all, they are the ones who look into the food and drinks of the entire hotel and the guests who stay there. They are responsible not only for the preparation of the food but the presentation of it as well. There would be various chefs to manage the kitchen and even bartenders and baristas to manage the bar area and lounge area. The servers, waiters, and hostesses are also part of this department to give the best to the guests.

  1. Finance

As the name goes, they handle all the accounting and finance of the hotel. They look into the profit and loss margin and see that the hotel is not into debts or bankruptcy. The purchase decisions and services offered to guests are also decided by the finance department. They look into budgeting, costing, taxing, and compilations of accounts.

  1. Maintenance

Last but not least comes the maintenance where professionals are appointed for the time to time maintenance of the hotel. Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters are all part of this department and see to the well-functioning of the hotel. The security guards are also at times part of the maintenance department.


Once one completes a hotel management course, there is a wide number of hotel management jobs awaiting them, as mentioned above. It is an industry with a huge scope, and getting into it can take the graduate to higher levels. The scope of the industry is such today.

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