April 19, 2024

CBSE Class 12 Compartment Result 2021: Reassess, mark the verification timetable

The Central Board of Secondary Examinations (CBSE) has published the timetable for reassessment and checking of marks for supplementary or partial examinations taken for Grade 12 board exams. Students must apply. On the official website, cbse.gov.in.

As per the schedule, for score checking, candidates must submit their online application between October 4 and October 6 at 11:59 PM. Rs 500 per subject fee will be applied for verification.

While receiving a copy of the assessed answer sheet, the candidate must apply between October 13th and October 14th at 11:59 PM. A fee of Rs 700 per answer book will be applied to this installation.

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To re-evaluate any questions, candidates must submit their applications between October 19 and October 19 at 11:59 PM. Any change in brands, including downgrades, will be affected. Candidates whose grades have been revised must submit their grade sheets and they will be awarded new ones.

Re-evaluation or challenge requests will be accepted only for the theory part for Rs 100 per question. And status of the re-evaluation will be uploaded to the website.

CBSE released the results of the Class 12 offline exams on September 29th. The tests were conducted for grade 12 students who took improvement, cabin or special category tests.