June 21, 2024

CV writing Tips- how are you getting noticed?

Resume Format

Your success in getting a new job quickly depends on your resume. More than half of recruits reject resumes because of bad grammar or clichés. A lack of professional achievements, incomplete information, or an overly informal writing style can deter hiring managers.

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Look These Few Points To Improve Your Resume

Appropriate CV length

By resume standards, a good resume should be 1-2 pages long, depending on how many years of experience you have. If your employment is longer, an affordable writer will shorten it while keeping the most important information about your employment history.

Focus on achievements, not tasks

Although it is necessary to list your main tasks, the main focus should be on work outcomes rather than tasks. If the phrase “achievement-driven resume” sounds Greek to you, it’s best to hire a prominent writer near you; They will make your accomplishments stand out at first glance.

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Get rid of clichés

Words like hard working, results oriented, team player, and the like are considered buzzwords. They state the obvious without conveying any specific information about you as an employee. Therefore, it is better to remove them from the resume and replace them with specific skills and achievements.

Add related keywords

ATS reviews resumes today before a human recruiter sees them. So if you can’t pronounce the keywords, your resume will be ignored. To avoid this, cheap resume writers use job and industry-specific keywords that enhance the relevance of your resume and help you get shortlisted.

Write an engaging summary for your qualification.

First impressions are important, and since recruiters review your resume for a few seconds, the first few lines are the most important. Create a 2-3 sentence summary outlining your strengths, valuable skills, or outstanding achievements. If you are having a hard time doing this on your own, a British or American writer can help you.

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To add numbers

“Consistently exceeding sales quotas by an average of 20% during fiscal year 2019” sounds better than “exceeding sales targets,” right? Adding numbers adds credibility to your accomplishments and helps you create an image of a results-driven employee.

Explain career gaps

Gaps in hiring and job change are critical factors. They make the recruiter assume that you are irresponsible, that it is difficult to work with you, or that you lack professional skills. A professional writer will handle these and other topics safely without undermining your professional image.

Consistent format

It is not only the content, but also the appearance that contributes to the overall impression of the resume. It is important that your resume uses the same font and formatting throughout the document. The resume writer refines the document to grab attention with its elegant format and clear structure.

Accurate and error-free writing

Recruits do not tolerate mistakes and poor writing. Every sentence on your CV should be useful and written in impeccable English. If writing isn’t your thing, don’t let it undermine the success of your job search. Buy a resume and get an app that shows your best self to an employer.