June 17, 2024

Does Higher education sector in India need reforms?

Education is an important step towards civilization and there is no denial to that. Unfortunately, India still has a majority of population that is uneducated. And this is one of the most serious issues to address.

One must understand that there are certain problems with the education system in India. Changing these will change the complete structure of the system, making it one of the best in the world.

Let us have a look at what are the problems and what can be done about them.

The problem in the education system:

Following are the various problems that one find and yes, they do need reforms:


Let us face it, there are when it comes to any field, there is one thing that persists in India and that is none other than inequality. Education is an area that cannot progress with inequality. There are many students who cannot afford to study in the first place. If this is not a problem, then we do not know what is.

Old training methods:

Training kids of different generations need different ways and understanding. Unfortunately, the Indian education system has no knack of changing. With proper and updated changes, things can change for the betterment, nevertheless. One must understand that these reforms should be made every 5 years.

Lack of efficient teachers:

This is no old news! Opening up any news portal will give you an insight of the various teachers teaching in a school. Most of these teachers are half-knowledgeable themselves. In this scenario, expecting them to educate the children can prove to be fatal and nothing less.

Over-crowded classrooms:

Finding classrooms with more than 80 students is no more a problem nowadays. One can safely conclude that this will by no means be beneficial for the students. A student will not get enough attention for themselves. It can be determined that the quality of knowledge and information definitely goes down with time passing.

Privatized institutions:

Nowadays one type of education centre quite common around you will be a private one. The private institutes are probably more in number than the government ones. And lets’ be honest, the number of people who can afford these institutes are less in number. Unfortunately, poverty is a soaring issue in India making impossible for all to study.

No research centric approach:

One of the worst possible things in the Indian education system is the fact that everyone tries to force feed you. There is no feasibility of research and if there are assignments then these are considered really vague in the system. This can mean only one thing! The students have no scope to gain real KNOWLEDGE.

Discouragement of creativity:

Again, a medieval approach to the education system is this. One must necessarily understand the relevance of creativity, not only in education but also in making a career. Unfortunately, creativity is thoroughly discouraged throughout the education life. People are told not to take risks by being creative. This makes a habit out of them.

Lack of common regulating body:

There is not one body that determines the various exams in a standard pattern. Rather different government bodies regulate different patterns for exams and education. This creates a mismanagement in learning and understanding about things as well. A standard module must be introduced into the system to make things work just fine.

Lack of stricter punishment against social norms:

One may think that how is this even closely related to education? Well, it certainly is! The norms like child marriage and child labour must have stricter punishments. Apart from that, the aid to education should be provided to the underprivileged children or education should be made free of cost for them.

The extra tuition classes:

No matter how much one denies, yet people know that almost all the teachers take tuition classes at homes. They pay less attention in the class and more time in the tuitions at home. Also, the charges are ridiculously high. Not everyone can afford those. This is why they end up securing less scores than the rest.


Commercialization of the schools is a troublesome issue nowadays. Of course, getting books, notebooks and stationery from the schools because you need them is another thing. But if the school forces you to buy the stationery, uniforms and cheap school bags from them also, then certainly it is nothing less than commercializing of the education system. It degrades the essence of education overall.

Lack of creative fields and education in them:

People obviously loose their mind when it comes to the higher and efficient education in the field of creativity. Though they have no problem of sending their kids to some posh and respectable music institute outside India, yet they find having on here to be impractical. There are no good and standardized training for creativity as well.

Lack of infrastructure:

The lack of infrastructure is another of the major problems that people may have to face here. One must completely realize that the government schools are in shatters usually. These are dirty and have no proper studying conditions. It is certainly why the people must certainly work towards having changes.

Lack of meaningful promotion in areas:

Government often fails at creating meaningful promotions. One must certainly understand that without the meaningful promotion, things will certainly not work in their stride. Just creating ad campaigns will not affect the people. The government must in fact work towards making the campaigns meaningful to the areas. Should explain them in a language they will understand in.

The unnecessary study load:

The unnecessary load of the bags is another thing that must change with the system. One must understand that the students should have access to the ease of having books in accordance to their own needs. This will help them take a relief from the load that they carry to and from schools every single day.

These are some of the most problematic situations in the education system now. The entire country should work towards reforming these completely. Only then can one guarantee the better life for themselves and the future of the country.