May 20, 2024

How to answer “Tell me something about yourself” for freshers tips & tricks

  • Why do interviewers ask “Tell me about yourself”?
  • Factors to should be consider when you are answering “Tell me about yourself”
  • Tell Me About Yourself Response Form for Beginners
  • Interview tips

The first job interview always causes butterflies in the stomach for each and every freshers.

It is best to treat recent interview questions as final exams. If you solve it, you will get your first job as a reward!

Now the most common interview question you’ll be asked is “Tell me about yourself.” Answering this basic interview question does not require any special knowledge.

So, if you are a newcomer preparing for your first job interview, you need to know how to answer “Tell me about yourself” / “Tell me about yourself” to start the session.

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Let’s Begin!

Why do interviewers ask “Tell me about yourself”?

Before answering the question “Tell me about yourself,” you need to understand why the interlocutors are asking this question.

As you advance in your career, you will find that this question is asked in every interview. This is mainly because it acts as an icebreaker and allows the interviewer to get to know you better, but also because it gives them a quicker look at your background and career highlights and how it can help in your career. etc.

If you answer correctly, the interviewers can begin to see why you are the best fit for the position and proceed to confirm this by gaining your skills.

Factors that should be consider when you are answering “Tell me about yourself”

Once you understand why recruiters ask “Tell me about yourself,” here are some factors to remember as you prepare to answer your HR interview question.

Company search

Research about the company, its work culture, etc. It is very important before preparing for the latest interview questions.

You will spend most of the day working and will be familiar with their culture and whether or not you will be able to align your ethics with the ethics of the company.

You don’t want to be stuck in a work culture that makes you uncomfortable. You can check company reviews on websites like AmbitionBox to make this clear.

The reason why it is important to conduct research about the company before each job interview is that when recruiters ask questions at the interview, they expect the candidate to know the company and their work and to be clear how their talents can move the company forward. .

Plus, being familiar with the company can help your employees get to know them during a job interview compared to attending an interview without any knowledge of it.

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Read the job description

The job description posted by recruiters contains keywords that can help you frame your “Tell Me About Yourself” responses.

Make a note of the keywords listed by the company for the job title, and at the same time list your qualities as well.

Match the two and highlight 3-5 traits that match or are closest to the recruiter’s requirements.

Keep the introduction short and precise

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the most interesting interview questions, so you just can’t keep introducing yourself.

Therefore, when preparing to answer an HR interview question, be sure to keep it within 2-3 minutes.

Don’t repeat the same things from your resume, instead find a balance between the qualities you’ve combined with the job description and supplement them with the skills added on your resume.

Here are 3 points you can cover by answering “Tell me about yourself”:

  • You can talk about your achievements, qualities, etc. The most recent relevant post. take this example,
“I have always loved writing and only one of my articles has been published in a prestigious magazine.”
  • You can also mention your past accomplishments that may be relevant. You can say something like this
“I have been interested in journalism since I was a child. In my last internship at a reputable media organization, I was awarded the Trainee of the Month award because of my stories and the response it generated from readers.”
  • You can also inform them of your plans for your career and how you plan to achieve them. That’s what you can say
“I love writing, but more than that, I am interested in how the content affects the company.
I believe that both practical and theoretical knowledge is required, so I am willing to enroll in the Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Certificate course to gain comprehensive knowledge. "

Practice makes the answer perfect

Practicing responding with “Tell me about yourself” helps you not only be confident, but also tune your tone of voice when responding.

Also, avoid automated sounding. Make it more of a conversational tone and evoke a sense of passion in your answer when asked to “tell me about yourself.”

Make it professional

Make sure you look professional, and remember this is a job interview.

Practice answering recent interview questions, such as “Tell me about yourself,” and seek help from your family or trusted seniors. They can help you improve your answer and make it more professional.

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Tell Me About Yourself Response Form for Beginners

Wondering how these factors combine into one answer? Here are some sample responses to the “Tell me about yourself” HR interview question.

  • Answer Form 1:
“I am in my final year of English studies from XYZ University. I have trained in reputable media companies such as DEF Media House and XYZ Pvt Ltd, receiving the Trainee of the Month award.
I have always found that I express myself better through my writing and want to pursue a career in a field where I not only feel like a job but also feel like a job.
I have heard many good things about your esteemed organization and am confident that I will be able to live up to your vision and get valuable information from the team as well if given the opportunity.”
  • Answer Form 2:
"I finished my MA in English from TGH University in [the year it passed]. However, I didn’t want to devote myself solely to writing content, and since I was interested in the growth of the digital space and how it has changed over the years, I enrolled in a digital marketing course.
I think the digital space is rapidly transforming and it is necessary to have a complete knowledge to work in this field whether it is a content marketing expert or SEO expert etc. Your organization is the content domain and I think I can learn a lot from it. Your experienced team."
Answer Form 3:
“My name is (your name) and I have completed an MComm in Economics from STY University.
My parents are involved in the financial industry and I've heard a lot about their work. This naturally made me interested in th e subject and I wanted to pursue a career in it.”

Interview Tips

To summarize, here are some interview tips to remember when answering “Tell me about yourself.”

  • Read about the company and employee reviews to better understand the work culture and mission and vision statements.
  • Review and take notes of the job description posted by the recruiter. This will provide a key to unlock the answer to recent interview questions.
  • Practice, practice, and practice more to respond with confidence
  • Keep extra copies of your resume and a pen and notebook handy
  • Make sure your clothes are ready, clean, and ironed the day before your big job interview.

We hope that these tips will help you to answer the “Tell me about yourself” interview question.