June 15, 2024

How to break the government exam without Training/Coaching?

How to crack government exam without coaching

 Government jobs have always attracted young people from India and whether after university, work or after work, they make sure that they prepare for some government exams, given the special amenities that come with a government job. Government exams are very popular and there are also many rumors about them, among which it is almost impossible to crack these exams without a coach. 

If, are you planning to prepare for a competitive exam & confused between joining a coach or not? Well, for the first two questions you should be able to answer, and for the third question we can help you solve your problem in a very simple and easy way. 

Training or not training is a difficult topic to discuss, but surely we can draw a correct and simple conclusion to it by looking at the various facts and figures, then you can choose what works for you and see if you want to join any of them. training or not.

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Why join coaching? 

Although training institutes help a lot in preparing you, some of the reasons behind this are: 

1. Guidance

Training institutes have experienced teachers who can guide you through the exam and help you understand the ideas of the exam. 

2. Classes

The classes at these training institutes are also taken by experienced professionals who have corrected the exam themselves, so it really helps prepare you in the right direction. 

3. Competition

There are many students in these training institutes and through the regular examinations held in these institutes, the students become aware of the competition they will face in the main exam and thus put more effort to get a rank in the exam. Therefore, these training institutes help students to test the depth of water. 

4. Study materials

For years now, the training institutes have dedicated study materials for various exams which are prepared after studying the best books available on the following subject. 

So, there are many reasons to join any training institute. While these points are important for your preparation, they are certainly not limited to training institutes. Without joining any institute also, you can get proper guidance, study materials and test your proficiency. 

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Crack test without training/coaching

While training is a great option, you can also solve any government exam without training. Statistics have shown that the majority of students who pass government exams do so alone and do not join any training. Most students travel to different cities to receive training; However, with the new age, training is not necessary. The primary benefits of preparing without training are: 

  • You can stay in the comfort of your own home. 
  • Don’t worry about food or shelter 
  • No financial stress 
  • You have your family as your support system. 
  • Dealing with difficult days becomes easy. 
  • You don’t have to look for ways to rejuvenate. 

With so many essential advantages, preparation for any government exam without joining any training can be done comfortably and effectively. 

Now we will discuss how to pass the government exam without training. The stage of preparation without training consists of 3 stages: primary, secondary and tertiary. Today we will discuss each stage in detail and break the myth that no government exam can be solved without training. 

1. Primary stage 

This is the first and most important stage of the exam where you decide that you want to prepare for any specific government exam. You go to ask your friends, seniors and family about the exam and you also spend searching the internet for the exam, procedure and pattern of exam from the inside out. So the initial stage is very essential and some of the things you should do while you are in this stage are: 

1.1. Know the Exam

Whether it is a GATE exam, ESE exam, or any other government exam, you need to know the exam before jumping on it. So the first thing that matters is to study everything about the exam. During the training, you will have an introductory class for it, when preparing from home or college, Google is your guide, so search for the test and learn about the test. Some things to look out for and take notes about the exam are: 

  • Exam syllabus and required materials. 
  • Exam pattern, including question type, exam duration, previous intervening year, number of questions, and test-taking stages. 
  • Future prospects after passing the exam. 
  • If there are optional topics, publications related to each topic are optional. These are some of the things one should know about dam to make sure you want to prepare for the exam and make your study plan accordingly. 

1.2. Read and watch about the top achievers

Every year many students pass the government exams, once you have chosen the exam you want to take, look for the talk of the students who passed the exam. Watch these videos and read their interviews to find out what it takes to pass the test and motivate you. You can find these videos on YouTube or on the website of the training institute where the student can prepare. 

1.3. Get an idea of ​​the type of questions that are asked

Before starting the preparation, you should know the type of question, whether it is the hidden or application-based questions that are asked in the test. You will find out by scanning the questions from the previous year. Questions from the previous year will be very helpful at every step of knowing where the preparation is going and how much extra effort you need. So download the previous year exam questions and read the questions asked. 

2. Secondary

While primary is basically knowing the exam and preparing for what will happen in the future, high school is for you to make a plan based on what you read in primary and start preparing without relying on training. Pointers to consider in secondary school are: 

2.1. Make a plan

Depending on the exam syllabus and the type of questions asked in the test (that you saw in elementary school), make a study plan. This study plan will be your guide during preparation and will help you stay focused and complete your study program on time. So write your syllabus somewhere based on the topic and then make a syllabus outline about how you want to read each topic and thus complete the syllabus before the exam. Find out how to create the perfect study plan. 

2.2. Complete your resources 

Now that the plan has been developed, you must finalize the resources that you will use during preparation. These resources may include the different books available for each topic, some online videos that you can watch, or study materials from the different training institutes available for purchase. So, while you can avoid joining an instructor, you can always refer to the study materials, prepared by experts, keeping in mind the exam program and pattern. 

2.3. Notes

As you go through your study plan, don’t forget to take notes about what you read. However, these notes may seem very boring and additional work will be very useful in the third stage, since you will have to review the entire syllabus before the exam. So whether you’re reading a book, taking online classes, using study materials, or don’t forget to take notes. Learn the art of taking notes. 

2.4. Prepare for all stages

In elementary school, you noted all stages to solve this specific test. Well, when you make bread, you have to include the agenda and prepare all the stages. The time available between the different stages of the exam is very short, so instead of doing last minute studies, prepare in advance for all the stages. 

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Avoid distractions 

Over time, some distractions will come that should be avoided. While preparing, stay away from distractions that will get in the way of your studies.

  • Too much chatting with your friends
  • Too much use of social media & videos
  • Go out with friends every day 

If you do any of these activities every day, stay away from them, but practicing them as soon as the blue moon comes out will help you resent and rejuvenate. Instead, you can use these distractors in a positive way. 

  • Use social media to connect with students who are also preparing and discuss important topics with them and clarify your doubts. Talk with friends about important topics in the news, as they will help you prepare for general studies and interview. 
  • The tube can be used in your studies as there are several tubes that give you guidance for the exam and help clear up your doubts about the exam. Enjoy a discussion with your friends on important topics, this will allow them to be better prepared. 
  • Instead of daydreaming, use the time to read the newspaper, solve quantitative questions, and read novels to help you. 

Therefore, high school is crucial and determines your study style and whether or not you will be able to pass the test. Students who remain motivated at this point excel in the exam and those who take it informally cannot pass the exam. 

3. Tertiary/third stage 

The last and final stage of preparation, the third stage is before the announcement of the exam that defines your final dedication. This stage is important because you need to make sure that everything you read and studied in stage 2 has been properly reviewed and practiced. 3 important stages for practice 

3.1. Revision

In secondary school we discussed the importance of No’s, and here it will be used. Before taking the test, you should review everything you have read and only then can the mind remember everything. This review is not possible by reviewing the books again; This is where notes come in handy. Review your notes daily and if there is anything you want to add, please do so. 

3.2. Practice

Apart from revision, another important thing is practice. This practice may include work from previous years and exams from online exams. You can also join the online test series from any training institute attending your test. Although you may not be joining any training, joining the exam series can help you see where you stand in the competition and find the parts of the curriculum that you still need to work on. 

3.3. Motivation

While all the above points are important, the most important thing is to stay focused and motivated. At any point in preparation, if you lose your confidence, it could affect your exam, so stay motivated and focused on the exam. If you feel depressed, you can read a motivational book or watch any video. 

3.4. Comfort

This is not specific to stage 3, but in general. You need to make sure that you are in the middle of preparing not to sacrifice your sleep and health. While it may seem like a great idea in the short term, it will hinder your studies in the long term. 

While there are many benefits to preparing through training, online lessons have provided an easy solution. However, if you do not want to join any training, you can always study from home and solve any test, because it is not the place that matters, but your dedication to the test that will help you. Each competitive exam is about strategy and its implementation. If you are able to formulate your strategy and put it into practice, then yes, you can pass the test without any training. So trust yourself and the power of self-study and before you know it, you will be doing well on the exam you are now dreaming of. 

We hope this article helps and keeps you motivated. We wish you all the best with your test and let us know if you have any further questions.