July 18, 2024

IIT Delhi Establishes School of Artificial Intelligence(AI)

IIT Delhi Establishes School of Artificial Intelligence

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Delhi has established an “Independent School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI)” on its campus. The School of Artificial Intelligence (ScAI) aims to cement IIT Delhi’s leading position in India and enhance its global position.

PhD Program To Begin From January 2021

ScAI will begin the doctoral program from the next admission cycle, January 2021. The postgraduate courses offered by the school are in planning.
Professor F. Ramgopal Rao, Director of IIT Delhi, speaking of IIT Delhi’s plans for an AI school, “The future progress of any country will depend on its capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence. Therefore, many countries have started investing heavily in AI. India is also responding to this.

What  PM  Said ….

“Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi highlighted the importance of artificial intelligence in his policies. Furthermore, India ranks fifth in the world in both the largest number of AI companies and AI jobs. ”
“However, we are lagging in some very important respects, namely the number of AI researchers in the country and the overall quality and quantity of AI research. To fill this gap, IIT Delhi has established a School of Artificial Intelligence on campus “. Professor Rao added that one of the goals is to create ScAI is also strengthening the position of IIT Delhi on the global AI map.

Some of the high-level goals of the School of Artificial Intelligence established by IIT Delhi include:

• Bring together over fifty IIT Delhi faculty members who have individually invested in various aspects of the field. With this, ScAI hopes to be a power multiplier for overall research productivity.
• Provide IIT Delhi offshore brands in this hugely important area. The cohesive blend in AI will allow for targeted recruitment of teachers and students to increase global visibility. It will become a one-stop-shop for an industry or government interested in collaborating or funding AI innovations.
• Provide a platform for industry, government, and civil society entities to share their field issues, which will then be compared to IIT Delhi professors with relevant technical/analytical experience.
• Initiate educational programs focused on artificial intelligence. Initially, the focus will be on the graduate level. After achieving a critical mass of fundamental researches in the field of artificial intelligence, educational programs will be offered at a professional level.
Professor Rao said: “There is a need for a program in artificial intelligence because the current titles are broad and do not make it easy for students to learn the depths of the various subfields within AI. On the other hand, there is a strong global demand for professionals. of AI training, that these programs can meet your needs. ”
Due to its interdisciplinary nature, ScAI will have a flexible faculty model, that is, it will have a core faculty, a joint faculty, and an auxiliary faculty (which may also be from industry).IIT Delhi Establishes School of Artificial Intelligence(AI).
Professor Musam, founding president of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence, said: “The main faculty will be those who consider AI, or its applications in various fields (such as health, transportation), as their main field of research. The faculty The principal will also be responsible for the development of the school. They will invest deeply in their success. ScAI expects to employ at least 20 core faculty members in the next ten years. ”
With the start of ScAI, many of the institute’s current teachers will likely take joint appointments at ScAI and provide early directions to the school. Finally, the assistant faculty will be those who will work full time in another department but will interact with the ScAI faculty on research initiatives and may also teach elective courses.
“We are also looking for external partners to help shape this new school into a global entity,” added Professor Musam.
In general, ScAI will be broad in its research tracks and interdisciplinary in its academic endeavors. The School of Artificial Intelligence will be the sixth school at IIT Delhi.

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