July 18, 2024

IIT is exploring the feasibility of establishing an engineering school in Kargil

The team of IIT Directors who visited Cargill interacted with officials and students to explore scholarship opportunities for Union Territory students at various International Institutes of Technology.

Kargil: Authorities said a large team of institute directors visited here on Monday to discuss the feasibility of setting up an engineering school in Ladakh district. The team consists of IIT Delhi directors, Prof. V Ramgopal Rao; Professor Subhasis Choudhuri of IIT Institute Bombay and Professor Abhay Karandikar of IIT Institute Kanpur. The team interacted with officials and students to explore scholarship opportunities for Union Territory students at several international institutes of technology as well, the spokesperson said.

Addressing the meeting, Prof. Rao said that Deputy Governor Ladakh R K Mathur during his recent visit to IIT Delhi had discussed the possibility of setting up an engineering school in Kargil. “The aim of the team’s visit is to identify the basic reality about the feasibility of establishing an engineering school in the region and to assess students’ interest in the engineering field,” he explained.

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Professor M Balakrishnan from the Department of Engineering and Computer Science at IIT Delhi spoke about the challenges students face in remote areas and stressed that students should go out to study to gain more opportunities.

While answering students’ questions, the Director of IIT Bombay talked about the different branches of engineering and their career prospects.

Professor Karandekar spoke about the annual scholarship program at the International Institute of Technology, the incubation and innovation program and internships with IIT for Ladakh students.

Then, the management team also visited the Government Certificate College, Kargil, where the Deputy Principal briefed them on the general process and the various courses taught in the college. He said about 2,000 students are currently enrolled in the university, while 30 permanent teaching assistants and 23 contracted teaching assistants provide teaching services at the university.

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Officials said the team interacted with students from the university as well as from State Polytechnic School, Kargil, and briefed them on various aspects of the scholarship component. He added that they asked for comments on their interest in scholarship programs.

Earlier, Kargil’s Director of Education briefed the team on the enrollment of school students in the district. He said that 32,000 students are studying in different schools in the region, of whom 3,000 are pursuing their studies in the field of science.

The CEO also said that there are currently 22 public high schools and two private high schools operating in the district. Officials said the Independent Institutes of Technology is partnering with the Department of Higher Education in Ladakh to review various aspects of technical education to increase opportunities for the youth of the union territory in employment and entrepreneurship.

They said the association aims to explore ways to promote innovation and entrepreneurship focused on the local ecosystem, develop skills to boost employment opportunities, improve education quality to increase higher education opportunities and also to create a high-quality engineering institution in Ladakh.

They said that the signing of the Expression of Interest, to be finalized based on the results of various meetings with stakeholders, was expected between the IIT Consortium and the Ministry of Higher Education, Ladakh, in the presence of the Ladakh Deputy Governor. September 22. Officials said a detailed work plan with timelines will be further developed based on the signed EoI.