April 13, 2024

IIT-Roorkee offers an advanced certificate program in Cloud Computing and DevOps

The Academy of Electronics, Information and Communication Technology (E & ICT), IIT Roorkee has developed an Advanced Certificate in Cloud Computing and DevOps. The program’s curriculum includes cloud computing concepts, DevOps tools, AWS, virtualization, and cloud security. The program will be offered in partnership with Intellipaat.

This course is led by IIT Roorkee faculty in conjunction with industry experts to help professionals acquire the most in-demand skills. Through the 7-month online program, students will undergo various practical exercises and project work. All registered students will receive professional services including mock interview preparation and one-on-one counseling.

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The Emerging Jobs Report 2020 – India expects LinkedIn to create 60-65 million jobs in India by 2025 in various industries where cloud computing and DevOps skills are essential. The trend towards cloud adoption has exploded over the past year as the COVID-19 pandemic forces organizations to further enable and support a distributed remote workforce.

Cloud computing and DevOps have changed the game for companies wanting to create products and services, and every year these technologies are expanding.

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“Cloud computing and DevOps are some of the major skills when recruiting candidates. The cloud computing market will continue to grow more than in recent years and companies will continue to seek qualified professionals with these skills,” said Dewakar, founder and CEO of Intellipaat.

Sanjeev Manhas , Principal Investigator for E & ICT, IIT Roorkee, said: “The specialist title will place students in a higher position in their respective fields.