May 28, 2024

Impact of COVID -19 on Education in India

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Impact of COVID-19 on Education

Closing Effect: Online Education is Now a New Natural Element for Government Tech Platforms

Private universities in India that have already been offering online education for the past two decades now have a significant increase in demand for e-learning to meet and close the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts said Thursday that with millions of children taking online lessons from home globally. This  includes in India, the government and the private education sector. All these sectors  have a great responsibility to offer online e-learning to more than 60 million students, university students and 1.5 billion school students worldwide.


Private universities in India

They have been providing online education for the past two decades. As a result of which we now have a huge increase in demand for e-learning. Professor N K Goyal , Vice President said: “E-learning or online education is the new normal. In the future, we will see the spread of IT tools and tools after COVID-19. But the Internet and broadband will continue to be a problem”. , APT India Federation and former advisor to the Gujarat University of Technology.

If E-learning apps like BYJU’s and Khan Academy are targeting schools, other apps like Adda 24X7 offer specialized training for entrance exams like IITJEE. There is no doubt that strong communication is critical to the success of e-learning.

According to Rajan S Mathews, DG, Mobile Operators Association of India (COAI), after COVID-19, there will be a boom in online education by the country’s schools and colleges.

Matthews said: “The telecommunications industry is fully prepared with a network capacity of 99.9 percent. Telecommunications companies have taken appropriate steps to counter the increase in traffic due to online education and other online activities. that use the communications infrastructure. “

Union Minister for Human Resources and Development Ramesh Bockrial Nishank recently said that the government offers a large number of educational applications and platforms for schools and institutes of higher education. In addition to teachers, Nishank urged parents and students to make the most of online education to ensure that their academic continuity is maintained.

The International Design University (WUD) claims to have collected online learning materials during its courses in the past year. “WUD uses artificial intelligence technologies, monitoring techniques, video conferencing, and other tools that enable technology for virtual learning. This includes a combination of online platforms for sharing files, hosting meetings and conferences in conjunction with online services and resource providers. like Coursera and Bloomsbury, “said Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The Vice President of the International Design University (WUD), EBSCO and others as partners in their strategy.

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