July 17, 2024

Important Tips to Prepare for CTET

One of the most critical questions that are asked by any candidate for the CTET 2019 is how they are going to prepare for it. CTET or the Central Teachers Eligibility Test 2019 will be conducted this year and the candidates will need to make sure that they are thoroughly prepared for the examination. The exam is important for those who want to apply for the role of a teacher in government, public or private schools. Without the minimum eligibility in CTET, they will not be able to get the opportunity to teach here. 

We have jotted down some very important tips to prepare for CTET in this article and all the candidates are requested to have a look at them for further help.

Tips that will help you in CTET 2019

The CTET examination is a tough one to crack and you will need consistent dedication to prepare for the exam. So we will help you carry out that task in a much easier manner. Here are some very important tips that you will need to keep in mind before you appear for the CTET 2019.

  • Check the syllabus and the exam pattern – Make sure to check the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Before appear to give the exam, you will need to know about the exam pattern and the syllabus thoroughly. Make sure to visit the official website and have a look at the details available. It is vital that you know about the syllabus in order to get an idea of the topics of all the subjects. There are 5 important subjects which include – Child Development & Pedagogy, Language I and II, Mathematics I and II, Science and EVS.


  • Analyze the previous year papers – once you have gone through the syllabus and exam pattern you will need to check the previous year question paper for CTET. Make sure that the questions paper are at least of the last 5 years or more. When you check these question papers you will be able to understand the topics and queries much easily. You can also find the correct answers to the questions and check how they have been solved. Practice these papers to understand the pattern clearly. It is one of the most important tips to prepare for CTET which many candidates choose to ignore.


  • Study NCF 2005 and NCERT Textbooks – NCERT books are very much important for the preparation of the CTET 2019 examination. You can find the NCERT books without any cost at the official website of NCERT. It has been observed that at least 7-8 questions appear in the question paper are from the NCERT books. Make sure to double-check the details with the books and study them. You can search the Internet to check which are the other important books that will help you prepare for the CTET 2019 examination. 


  • Practice daily and attempt mock tests – you must have surely heard the phrase “practice makes a man perfect”, isn’t it? Well, it applied everywhere in any industry. The more you practice, the more your skills and knowledge about the subject becomes stronger. Practicing your tasks will also help you to manage your time in an excellent manner so that you do not lose precious mates during the exam. You can also watch online learning videos for more detailed and informative sessions.


  • Never try to study all the topics – it is very difficult to study for the CTET 2019 and you cannot cover all the topics that will be mentioned in the syllabus. Candidates must give more attention to revising all the topics that have been mentioned in the syllabus. But there are also some very important topics which you will need to learn thoroughly. Pick out the important topics which you think are important and which requires some time to be solved. Read and learn them first and then proceed to the next.

So these are the most important tips that you should follow before appearing for the CTET. All these tips have been tried and tested and will surely benefit you a lot. The tips to prepare for CTET are crucial for the successful passing of the Central Teachers Eligibility Test 2019.

image source-onlineteachers.co.in