June 22, 2024

India’s Constitution Day 2019: Everything you need to know

Constitution Day 2019

India’s Constitution Day is celebrated on 26 November, also known as Samvidhan Adventures, National Law Day or National Constitution Day. Why is it celebrated on November 26, how is it celebrated? Let us know!

In 2019, it marks the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution and raises awareness of the Indian Constitution.

About National Constitution Day or Constitution Day in India

November 26 has special significance in the history of independent India because on this day of 1949, the Constitution of India was adopted and came into force on 26 January 1950. Therefore, it marks a new beginning. To recognize the contribution of the editors of the Constitution and the worsening of the people in relation to outstanding values, November 26 is celebrated as Constitution Day

National Constitution Day 2019: Celebrations

In all government offices or institutions, celebrations will begin by reading the “Preamble” of the Constitution. The national campaign will also launch this focus on basic duties, an important feature of the constitution. It will start on November 26, 2019, and will be crowned on November 26, 2020.

On November 26, 2019, the Preamble will be read in the Civil Secretariat at 11:00 AM, followed by people in Jammu and Kashmir after the abolition of Article 370, and will be celebrated for the first time on “Constitution Day”. Even divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners, heads of departments and heads of all political formations will carry out similar activities in their offices and ensure that the “Preamble” is read in all branch offices on Constitution Day at 11:00 and adhere to basic duties.

Events in New Delhi will be organized by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs. At 11:00 AM, the large preamble will be read in offices/institutions, UPM, private foundations, corporate foundations, etc. Several talks/seminars on the constitution/duties of India are also organized. There will be widespread publicity for the public reading of the Preamble by the Ministry of L&B and the State Department for Public Relations. Education Update News

– Many campaigns are organized and brochures are distributed to educate people about the meaning of the constitution.

– Many dramas and plays are organized.

– Seminars and conferences are organized in the school.

– The campaign in social networks, etc.

Characteristics of the Indian Constitution

When was the day of the National Constitution or the Constitution of India celebrated?

The BJP led the government in 2015, and on November 26 declared Constitution Day to notify the newspaper on November 19.

How was the Constitution of India created?

As we know that on August 15, 1947, India became independent and on January 26, 1950, we celebrated Republic Day because on that day the Constitution of India came into force.

In 1934, the application was submitted to the Constituent Assembly. Let’s tell you that M.N. Roy, the Communist Party leader, was the first to discuss the idea. Finally, in 1940, the British government accepted the request. Indians can write the Indian Constitution in the August offer.

On December 9, 1946, the Constituent Assembly first met before independence. The first President of the Constituent Assembly was Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha. In addition, on August 29, 1947, a drafting committee was established to prepare the draft constitution with Dr. B. Ambedkar as President. On November 26, 1949, the Commission completed its work. On 24 January 1950, the process was completed when members signed two handwritten versions of the document, both in English and English.

The first meeting of the Society was held in New Delhi on 9 December 1946 and lasted until 24 January 1950. During this time, a total of 11 meetings were held and met for approximately 166 days. This is the period between adoption and execution when a comprehensive reading and translation from English to Hindi is performed.

On January 26, 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and became the law of the country.

Constituent Assembly of India

What is the Preamble to the Constitution of India?

“We, the people of India, having formally decided to form India in a special social democratic republic and assure all its citizens:

Social, economic and political justice;

Freedom of thought, expression, belief, belief, and worship;