July 20, 2024

India’s Highest Altitude Institute in Ladakh Gets LiFi for Faster Internet


The Student Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) has become the first institute of its kind in the Union Territory to have an internet connection using Light Fidelity (LiFi) technology. Ahmedabad-based Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd has established a LiFi network at India’s leading educational institution to assist the local educational fraternity, the company said in a statement here.

LiFi means transmission of data in a spectrum of light through open spaces in indoor and outdoor environments. LiFi systems provide ultra-fast data communications, which is especially useful in urban areas where the radio spectrum is congested and also very useful in rural areas where fiber optic cables or networks are not accessible.

With this LiFi setup, universities and students will have faster and more secure Internet connections through existing power lines for various educational purposes. Nav Wireless Technologies is the only registered company in the LiFi sector in Asia.

Explaining the motivation behind the project, Nav Wireless Technologies CTO Hardik Soni said: “We have contacted the institute authorities about this project and they have been deeply impressed by this innovative idea of ​​providing faster, more insurance and cheaper Internet under the leadership of Sonam Wangchuck, founder and president of SECMOL The company will work as a team to cover the whole of Ladakh and connect non-conductive areas using LiFi technology.

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“I am delighted to see permanent Internet connectivity setup using innovative LiFi technology on our campus,” said Mr. Wangchuk. “This Li-Fi technology can bring revolutionary changes in the education sector.”It will allow students to stream educational videos and download resources with a seamless connection, he said.

He said that “faculties will also benefit from conducting online lectures and improving their skills. Since this technology is environmentally friendly, it is in line with our vision of making a green and pollution-free world.”