June 15, 2024

Kolkata High Court Rues Politics in Educational Institutes, Sets Aside Rustication Of Visva Bharati Students


Putting aside the ridicule of three students by the Visva Bharati University authorities that led to a stalemate at the reputation institute, the Calcutta High Court noted on Wednesday that the noble cause of education had been killed in the altar of politics and political brutality.

Judge Rajasekhar Mantha considered that only three students could not have caused “chaos” in the university, but due to the support of influential outsiders, he observed that political parties are abusing educational institutions. “It is sad to note that the noble cause of education has been slain at the altar of politics and the political hero,” Judge Mantha said in the order.

Students and others have besieged the official residence of Visva-Bharati Vice President Bedyut Chakraborty since August 27, allegedly closing several university offices in Shantiniketan. The gherao’s decision was lifted by order of the Supreme Court on September 3 after the vice chancellor requested it.

In a speech in which he advised the vice chancellor and the university administration, the court asked them to take a more accessible and holistic approach. “This court also has the obligation to bear in mind that the vice chancellor and administration must adopt a more pleasant, accessible and comprehensive approach in dealing with the affairs of the University, especially professors, faculty, staff and students. Unnecessary confrontation must be avoidable and it is expected that the Vice Chancellor will follow it, ”said Judge Mantha, who expressed the above in letter and spirit.

“Educational institutions are being abused as fertile ground by political parties,” said the court, disrupting classes and educational activities. He pointed out that “the exams are not carried out on time and the results do not appear on time. Students are forced to transfer to other private institutions within and outside the country, where they are treated as clients.”

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Noting that some students are also being forced to drop out of education due to lack of funds, the court said parents who work in sweat and blood to provide an education for their children are losing faith and “the nation is looking to the future somber”.

The court noted that the three students were apparently used as a front by some special interests to stop the university. “Foreigners and political parties have absolutely no role in the internal affairs of an educational institution,” Judge Mantha said, arguing that all university students had suffered as a result.

The court said that all complaints of any kind from any section should be transferred to the corresponding forum according to the relevant regulations or the applicable law in the country. In his Sept. 8 order on the matter, Judge Mantha noted that a level of education and maturity is required for a student to make an informed decision before accepting or following any ideology. He had said: “In the absence of such education, exposure to the ideology of any political group would amount to indoctrination This is undesirable.”

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As a sign that the court order of September 8 that upheld the robbery order and allowed them to participate in their academic activities had been complied with by the university, Judge Mantha on Wednesday dismissed the three students in vain. The court said this order was issued based on the promise of the three students that from now on there will be peace and order at the university.

Following the presentation of Senior Council Arunava Ghosh that the University has suspended at least 60 to 70 professors and non-professors, the Court ordered the review of these suspension orders in terms of the University Statutes, within a period of 15 days from your date , noting that “the university is expected to take a very practical view on this.”