June 22, 2024

75 Medical college sanctioned in ambitious areas in fiscal year 2020

Health Issues

The Federation’s Health Minister, Harsh Vardhan, said on Saturday that the federal government has so far imposed sanctions on 75 medical colleges and hospitals in several “ambitious areas” in the country during the current fiscal year.

He also said that an additional 500 hospitals are needed to establish immediate health services under Euchman Bharat administration and other central government health programs.

On Saturday, Harsh Vardhan opened a new corporate campus and laid the foundations for a residential complex of the National Institute for Training and Research in Public Health (NIPHTR) in Banville, in the Rijad district, in neighboring Mumbai.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister of Health blamed the “neglect” of the post-independence era for the missing focus on public health, which is the “fundamental right” of all citizens. “The Federal Government has imposed sanctions on 75 advanced medical universities in 75 ambitious regions of the country in CFY (current fiscal year).

Harsh Vardhan also said that the construction of 75 medical schools in the ambitious areas under the second term of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been approved. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Transition of Aspiration” program aims to transform these areas quickly and effectively into states as a major driver.

Harsh Vardhan said that the recently introduced national robot monitoring system could reduce mortality due to the Ebola virus and the new coronavirus. He said that India faced many epidemics such as plague, polio, malaria, and tuberculosis, but every time the joint efforts of the ministries of health helped to reduce mortality in general and to eliminate such diseases.

The minister also mentioned the programs of urban and rural health missions in his ministry.