July 20, 2024

Mumbai will soon host the first Cambridge Civil Education School of civic management in India


In a major hurdle for government-funded education, Mumbai will be the first city in India to have a Cambridge Municipal School that will be free to its residents and offer quality education and learning to students.

“We are looking ahead to start the academic year 2022 with a Cambridge class from MPS (Mumbai Public Schools) schools that will pave the way to make international education freely available to students regardless of economic background, thereby fostering a strong culture, teaching and learning. ”Said by Maharashtra Minister of Environment and Tourism Aditya Thackeray. Thackeray’s party, Shiv Sena , is currently in power at BMC and says an effort is being made to renovate BMC- run schools to provide access to central councils and international curriculam for the most marginalized and underprivileged groups of the company, which depend on BMC schools for education.

“Together with Mayor Kishori Pednekar G, I chaired the meeting to explore the possibility of establishing the first Cambridge Municipal School in India. The recent partnership between mybmc and CambridgePfE  will open a new chapter of MPS for equality in learning opportunities. “said Mr. Thackeray.

This is the first time that an international curriculum has been taught in a school run by a civil body. Traditionally, BMC-run schools have been under the Maharashtra State Board. “The incorporation of an international board constitutes a memorable moment in BMC’s history and will greatly contribute to the development of a strong teaching and learning culture for Mumbai public school students,” BMC said in a press release.

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Many BMC schools already teach the ICSE and CBSE curriculum in civic-run schools. 2 ICSE schools and 12 CBSE Mumbai public schools have already been established and are now educating students through online mode. BMC says the opening of the first ICSE school in 2020-21 reversed the trend of declining enrollment in civic-run schools. These schools, in turn, saw a high demand for admission that led to the introduction of a lottery system to enroll students.

“They are receiving a good response due to the good amenities. The infrastructure is being updated, But this policy must be adopted in the more than 1200 schools managed by the civic body. This is a good step and we must focus more on quality learning and parental involvement ”, Farida Lampai, participating founder of the NGO Pratham.

“Due to the pandemic, many parents have had to send their children to public schools. The administration must seize this opportunity to keep children enrolled in these schools.”

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Along with the state board of directors, ICSE and CBSE have partnered with BMC for Quality Education in Mumbai. The link with Cambridge International will ensure that the international curriculum reaches all children, according to BMC. “My dream is to ensure that all children, regardless of financial ability or background, have access to a world-class education in all municipal schools and free education,” said Aditya Thackeray in announcing the partnership with Cambridge Partnership for Education.

As Mumbai Public Schools imprint the beginning of a journey with Cambridge, the state will work closely with them to provide a quality education to all municipal school students. BMC said the aim is also to explore a more thoughtful collaboration with Cambridge on school reforms and the development of our municipal schools.