July 18, 2024

NEET 2021 Last-Minute Tips: Important sections, common questions; 10 important preparation tips


The National Eligibility and Entry Test (NEET-UG 2021) is scheduled to take place on Sunday (12 September). Just a few days before going for medical admission, Anurag Tiwari, Medical Director of Akash Institute suggested some important preparatory tips for NEET aspirants from important sections, FAQ, and how to avoid silly mistakes in the medical entry.

Since NEET will take place during the Covid-19 pandemic, candidates can expect an easy essay similar to the previous year. “The candidates who appeared in NEET last year easily revised the document. The NTA is expected to draw up a document that is relatively less difficult given the Covid-19 pandemic scenario,” said Tiwari.

NEET 2021: Last Minute Preparation Tips

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Important sections, FAQ

In chemistry, chapters such as periodic trends of chemical and physical properties of elements and compounds, physics – logic gates, moments of inertia, mechanics – combinations of errors, laws of motion, biology – reproductive health, evidence in human evolution. Anurag Tiwari, Principal of Aakash, said: “Most of the questions come from these chapters in the past five years. Some questions are repetitive, and candidates have to prepare these chapters as they can expect a large number of questions from these chapters.

Mock exams

Candidates have to practice some mock tests until they are familiar with the paper style and exam environment. “Mock exam practice helps the candidate to become familiar with the paper pattern. There are three to four sessions in NEET, the mock exam will help candidates to get an idea of easy and hard questions by sections, how to deal with them also NEET is conducted during the day (2-5 pm), which is a bit lazy, and candidates must also follow Covid protocols; the mock test will help the candidates to adapt to the exam scenario.”.

Will NEET’s role be difficult?

The NEET survey could come in handy given the Covid-19 scenario. Anurag Tiwari said: “Last year, the NTA kept the NEET paper pattern easy given the Covid scenario. Also this year, candidates can expect easy questions.”

Common mistakes

Candidates are encouraged to read the question carefully. Aakash Manager Anurag Tiwari said, “Don’t lose your patience when writing the essay. Most of the candidates make silly mistakes because they did not read the document well. Read the question, understand it and then try the essay.”