May 28, 2024

NEET 2021 papers leak: Eight, including one candidate, arrested by Jaipur police for fraud

NEET 2021 papers leak

Candidate Dineshwari Kumari, 18, has been arrested along with Supervisor Ram Singh, who is in charge of the administrative unit of the test center. Mukesh, Dineshwari’s uncle and four other people connected to the case have also been arrested. The owner of the e-mitra centre, Anil, and the owner of a training center in Alwar, Jaipur has also been arrested: Jaipur police cracked down on a National Income and Eligibility Tests (NEET) fraud, 2021, which occurred on Sunday (September 12). Authorities said a candidate who took Sunday’s exam has been arrested. Seven other people who helped her cheat were also arrested.

Eighteen-year-old candidate Dineshwari Kumari, along with Superintendent Ram Singh in charge of the administrative unit of the test center, has been arrested. DCP Richa Tomar said on Monday, September 13 that Mukesh, Dineshwari’s uncle and four other people were also arrested in connection with the case. He said that after the examination began, the accused Ram Singh and Mukesh sent the examination images to two men in an apartment in Chitrakoot district of Jaipur via WhatsApp, then sent them to other people in Sikar.

“The men (in Sikar) sent the answer key to the two men at Chitrakoot, then they sent it to Mukesh. Then Mukesh sent it to Singh. Singh helped Dineshwari to solve the document with the help of the answer key.” , He said. The officer said that Dineshwari’s uncle was present outside the examination center with Rs. 10 lakh in cash that was supposed to be given to the accused who were helping the candidate.

Apart from them, the owner of the e-mitra Anil center and the owner of a training center in Alwar’s Bansur have also been arrested, according to the DCP. Anil mediated between the candidate and her uncle and the accused who facilitated the trap.

“The deal was closed at Rs 30 lakh of which Rs 10 lakh will be handed over shortly after the end of the test,” he said. Tomar said a search is underway for those who prepared the answer key in Sikar