June 22, 2024

NEET SS 2021: The center endorses the exam pattern and postpones the exam until January

New Delhi: The Center has informed the Supreme Court of India that it has decided to postpone the Super Specialty PG Examination for the National Vice President’s Income Eligibility Test (NEET) from January 11 to 12, 2022. The decision is in the interest of the students and is to ensure that the central government said the candidates have sufficient time to prepare in view of the change in exam pattern .

“All those who participated in the aforementioned meetings, in reaching the foregoing conclusion, felt and noted that candidates should not feel that they had not been given sufficient time to prepare for the examination as per the revised scheme… In the circumstances, it was decided to postpone the NEET-SS examination for two months on to take place from January 10-11, 2022 in order to give everyone sufficient time to prepare for the entrance examination. Under the revised scheme.” The affidavit filed by the center to the Supreme Court said according to the Bar Association and Bunch.

The center, in an affidavit, said the decision to make changes to the testing pattern was made to ensure seats were not vacant.

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The affidavit said, “Based on past experience that resulted in a large number of super-value specialty medical course seats remaining empty and wasted, the exam pattern has been modified so that more of these seats and waste are kept to a minimum.”

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The 2021 NEET SS exam was initially scheduled to take place from November 13-14. Exam dates were announced on July 23, but the exam pattern change was announced on August 31 via the NEET SS newsletter.

Claiming that last-minute changes would have a negative impact on students, 41 PG-rated doctors filed a statement in the Supreme Court. The statement challenged these abrupt last-minute changes, claiming that the same had been done in favor of GP candidates.

During a hearing in the case on September 27, the Supreme Court detained the National Examinations Board, the National Medical Commission and the central government for making last-minute changes to the curriculum.

Then the defendants were asked to submit their responses according to which the Center submitted its current statement.