June 22, 2024

A new academic session is likely to begin from September at GOA

Academic session likely to Begin

New Academic Session likely to begin in GOA

Goa State Director of Education, Mr. Santosh Amunkar said that  the Goa Department of Education expects to start the new academic session in September this year.

The annual academic year in Goa begins in the first week of June, but has been postponed this year due to the proliferation of COVID-19.

The state Ministry of Education had been waiting for the beginning of the 2020-21 school year on August 15 .”But this does not seem to be happening now given the outbreak of COVID-19 in the state. We hope that at least in September we can start Amunkar schools he told the PTI agency.

“Even if we start schools, he will graduate. He said the highest grades, like the twelfth criterion, will start first, adding that students in the upper grades can maintain social space and adhere to the guidelines.

Amunkar said that Schools were asked to start online lessons for students. However, due to communication and tool related issues, the number of students is lower for these classes.

New academic session likely to begin in GOA

“Universities can pass the end-of-term / intermediate / general semester exams in an offline mode / internet connection, according to decrees / rules and regulations, exam chart, taking into account guidelines for” social exclusion “while observing the system the support available to them and ensuring a fair opportunity for all students. ”

He said: “The government has already ordered that the teacher should help students who have been unable to access classes online.”

Mr.Santosh  Amunkar said that  the Goa Council for Secondary and Higher Education decided to reduce the new school year curriculum by 28 to 30 percent.

He added: “The curriculum will have to be further reduced if there are more delays in the resumption of schools.”

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