April 13, 2024

Teams have been formed to promote inter disciplinary research in different schools: JNU Vice-Chancellor


Vice Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar said that Jawaharlal Nehru University has formed teams with professors to promote interdisciplinary research in different schools of the university. He said that most of the research projects are currently being carried out in the university’s science faculties and there is a need to improve the results of other schools as well.

In detail, Kumar said that the largest number of publications has been published on topics such as biochemistry and molecular biology at the top, environmental science, engineering, interdisciplinary science, materials science, chemistry, plant science, applied physics, biophysics, biotechnology and microbiology.

“There are economics releases as well, but they are very low,” he told PTI last week. “When you rank institutes, you look at research publications, we definitely need to improve research output in other schools.”

The vice-chancellor said they have formed teams of researchers in schools to conduct interdisciplinary research that is also in line with the adoption of the National Education Policy, which seeks to promote interdisciplinary research. He said sociologists report they have difficulty obtaining funding for research projects.

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“The presence of social scientists is important in scientific research. For example, there are molecular scientists who are currently working on developing mathematical models to predict Covid.” These models are dynamic models with many feedback loops. A social scientist on the project can study how the mass of humans will respond to government policies or adopt vaccination. Sociologists play an important role in scientific research.

In order to blur the boundaries between disciplines, the university has created these heterogeneous teams together, he said, adding that there are already funded projects that have been started.