July 20, 2024

Top 10 career options in arts : Check Jobs, Courses, Top Employees, Salary


Top 10 Arts Careers – Arts is one of the most creative streams. The arts offer many thriving career opportunities that are out of the box and exciting to take advantage of. There are some misconceptions about the arts path that only students with low scores in science choose arts because of disability, which is completely wrong.

Therefore, if chosen wisely, a career in the arts will nurture your thinking and help you achieve all your dreams. Students who have pursued arts courses will be happy to know that there are a range of highly paying career options available which we will discuss in detail in this article. Let’s get started right away to learn more about the highest paying jobs for arts students in India or the 10 best arts jobs.

Top 10 Arts Careers 2021

Students should review the table below, which includes a list of the top 10 technical jobs and salaries.

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Top 10 careers in the arts

Sr. no.Top Careers OptionSkills RequiredExpected Starting Salary
1)Content Writer/BloggerGood fluency in the desired language and good hold on grammar and analytical thinking skillINR 1.5 to 6 LPA
2)SEO AnalystData-driven Analytical skills Must be required how to use software such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Keyword Planner, Google AdWords, On page-Off page etc. Creative and curiousINR 1.5 to 4 LPA
3)Fashion/ Interior DesignerArtistic Skills An eye for detail Exceptional Fashion sense. Great visualization & Excellent drawing skillsINR 2 to 20 LPA
4)Creative Director/Media Manager/ JournalistExcellent communication skills Boldness and courage for the truth Flexible work hours and Multi-taskingINR 2 to 18 LPA
5)Growth HackerArt of combining creativity with rigorous analysis Marketing skill. A techie Curious and creativeINR 30k to 60k per month
6)Social WorkerCompassion towards social work Humbleness and kindly in nature. INR 15k to 30k per month
7)Wildlife PhotographyExcellent photography skills Outdoor survival skill Master in photographic styles. INR 2.5 to 3 LPA
8)Social Media ManagerCreativity Strategic, planning Optimization of content and technology Analytical skill requiredINR 1.7 to 6 LPA
9)Government JobsPatience, sensibility and humble approach Good communication skills Team work Commitment and hard workINR 20k to 40k per month
10)Event ManagementManagement skills, Creative a patient Skill of working in a team Flexible and PassionateINR 4 to 6 LP

1. Content writer/blogger

Content writing is one of the most preferred career options in today’s scenario. As we all know, a good review or well-written ad content plays an important role in successful marketing. Content writing/blog will allow you to earn unlimited. Startups and startups hire people who write creatively to deliver original content to their customers/viewers. You can also be self-employed and work from home. Let’s now take an overview of one of the top 10 creative arts careers.

Who can apply? – If you love expressing your thoughts in words and expect to do research and write about new things every day, then content writing is for you. Go ahead and find out where and how to apply for this appointment.

Where to apply? There are countless marketing, educational, and tech companies that hire a content or copywriter to write content for their company. You can also apply as a creative writer for major ad agencies to write ad scripts or key phrases. It should be noted that content writing is not only about writing, but also needs the ability to research, analytical thinking and multitasking.

Top Recruits

  • Times of India
  • NDTV
  • Ernst And Young
  • DDB Mudra Telecom
  • Ogilvy and Mather

2. SEO Analyst

Search engine optimization is one of the most popular professions in the market today, as everyone wants to be on top of their online searches. A search engine optimization (SEO) analyst deals with social media strategies. A search engine optimization (SEO) analyst searches for the keyword and makes sure that the website rank faces the maximum traffic. It is one of the top 10 technical disciplines of today’s era.

Who can apply? If you have an unparalleled enthusiasm for increasing traffic to your written articles and are interested in what it takes to get your content to the top of the search engines, you can apply for this job. The person concerned should also know that a lot of creative, analytical and adaptive skills are required for this job.

Where do you order it? Many of the top websites employ an SEO Analyst. You can apply for this appointment at some of the larger sites. Apart from this, you can also open your startup and work towards SEO. It will give you a great opportunity to grow as a social media strategist.

Top Recruits

  • Scroll mantra
  • Corpus digital
  • Digi darts
  • Little yellow beetle
  • Reinvent digital media

3. Fashion designer/interior

Fashion design is one of the most glamorous career options in the arts. A fashion designer is someone who has a talent for designing clothes or interiors. This requires a keen attention to detail and a lot of creativity and patience. This field has a battle like new, but one can fly as a fashion designer if he has 5-7 years of experience. This is one of the top 10 arts careers that is ready to go and very fun to do.

Who can apply? Students who are passionate about creating new designs can apply in this field. Students should keep in mind that their visualization and drawing skills must be excellent to enter this field.

Where to apply? Interested students can apply to major apparel or interior design brands as a designer, manufacturer, and more. It is also suggested that during graduation, students should undertake various training courses in the best companies to get acquainted with the nature of work in the respective fields.

Top Recruits

  • Wrangler
  • Nike
  • Provogue
  • Allen Solly
  • Park Avenue

4. Creative Director / Media Director / Journalist

This is one of the top 10 technical disciplines. The creative director is responsible for the entire creative process and manages everything that is necessary in advertising and marketing companies. This field wants more of experience and exposure. It should be noted that being a Creative Director / Media Director / Journalist takes an effort to do something exceptional out of the box. Now let’s learn more about this field.

Who can apply? – If you are the one with great managerial and personal skill, you can apply for this field. You also need about 5-7 years of experience to work wonders in this upcoming profession.

Where to apply? Interested students can apply for this career option in major advertising and marketing firms. They can also apply to leading startups and do very well in their careers.

Top Recruits

  • NDTV
  • Times of India
  • India today
  • The Pioneer
  • HT Media

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5. Growth Hacker

Growth hackers are also known as growth marketers. They are the ones who plan and develop new strategies for the growth of the organisation. Let us know more about one of the top 10 new arts careers that will be far-reaching in the coming days.

Who can apply? Students who wish to venture into this field must have outstanding creative and analytical skills. This field also needs in-depth knowledge of marketing and coding strategies, SEO knowledge and analytical skill.

Where to apply? You can apply to major digital companies and help the organization expand its marketing strategy, thus helping it grow as a business.

Top Recruits

  • RockBoost
  • Voxturr
  • Growthrocks
  • Inbound Labs
  • CRO . metrics

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6. Social worker

Social work is one of the noblest jobs anyone can do. It is one of the top 10 technical disciplines, which helps to expand the concept of life and make it more meaningful. It takes serious behavior and a positive attitude towards people and life to become a social worker. There are a range of career options in this field that will teach you life lessons and bring you the realities of life.

Who can apply? – Who is a generous person and wants to help humanity and society can advance in this field. Social work needs a lot of empathy, humility, and optimism.

Where to apply? – If you want to work in this field as a profession, you can apply in many hospitals, NGOs, child care centers, mental health centers, etc.

Top Recruits

  • Non Governmental Organization
  • Hospitals
  • Mental health centers

7. Wildlife photography

This is an adventurous must-do as a career in the arts. A wildlife photographer is a person who takes the most authentic and natural images of wildlife in the natural environment. It’s one of the 10 most creative and adventurous arts careers in. Let’s find out what it takes to be a wildlife photographer.

Who can apply? – If you are passionate about photography and produce creative and natural images of animals and plants, you can try this creative endeavor. Remember that this field needs a lot of flexibility and patience as a wildlife photographer can stay outdoors for a long time.

Where to apply? Interested students can take pictures of the wildlife themselves. They can take pictures and sell them at trade fairs/newspapers/magazines, etc. They can also run different workshops and make profitable profits.

Top Recruits

  • The world of digital cameras
  • Shutterstock
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Cosmopolitan.com

8. Social media manager

Social media manager is one of the best professions in the arts. A social media professional is the person who runs the entire social media marketing team. The social media marketer makes sure of all the marketing strategies and helps the business reach the target customers.

Who can apply? Those who have a creative mindset and are good at analyzing and implementing marketing strategies to help the company grow can apply for this job. Students should also keep in mind that this job requires multitasking, good writing skills, and SEO knowledge.

Where to apply? Students can apply to top websites and companies that create social media content for their target audience. They can also apply to top digital marketing companies and earn a decent salary as a social media manager.

Top Recruits

  • Sodexo
  • Del
  • Marriott
  • Taco Bell

9. Government jobs

Graduated students can prepare for many government exams like IAS, PCS, Government Professor etc. Government jobs will allow students to earn good money, ensure job security, health insurance benefits and much more. It is one of the top 10 arts careers.

Who can apply? A deserving student who has completed his graduation and is over the age of eighteen can apply for any of the government jobs and take tests on them.

Where to apply? Students are advised to search for government jobs as well as review the newspaper to check the vacancy. They should start preparing and staying up to date with the general knowledge and basics for the type of job required.

Top Recruits

  • Civil services
  • Government Lecturer
  • NTPC
  • Indian Railways
  • State Public Service Commission

10. Event management

Event management is one of the top 10 careers in the arts. An event manager is the person who takes care of all the management of an event, big or small. He/she is the person who manages the event and takes care of everything necessary in any of the events. The event manager also manages the budget and provides a post-event report.

Who can apply? Anyone who is creative and loves managing events can apply for this job. It requires a lot of planning and strategic skill. It must be remembered that patience, honesty and flexibility in time are important factors to be adapted in this field. It is among the top 10 arts majors. Students can also apply for diploma courses related to event management after completing Semester 12 of CBSE.

Where to apply? – If you are interested in this career option after the arts, you can apply to companies that host events or organize large national/international events. There is an entire event management team that takes care of all the event needs in question.

Top Recruits

  • Wizcraft
  • Tafcon
  • Cineyug
  • Pegasus
  • Encompass events

How do you choose the right profession after joining an art course?

Careers360 offers some proven secrets for choosing the right career options after taking an arts course. Stay tuned for all the do’s and don’ts before we pick our Top 10 Arts.

  • After completing any course you have taken, don’t be left behind in the career choices your friends make. Do some reflection and decide what you really want to do in life, as the profession must be chosen very wisely.
  • Do a thorough research of your desired career and then come to the final conclusion. Take a look online and look at the expected salary stats for the job you are interested in.
  • Talk to experts and discuss your concerns. Try chatting with people who are already in the field and ask them about their experience and salary package.
  • Conduct several interviews and follow his lead by choosing one of the available options. Also, do not compromise or rush to choose any career option. Finalize your decision only when you are 100% sure, because it is a matter of great importance.

Finally, listen to yourself, think about your dreams, and be confident in choosing a career that you really want to do without fear of failure. Because remember, he who does his best learns something new every day.

How do you apply for Top Careers in Arts?

Students can apply for the best jobs in the field of arts through both online and offline platforms. It is advisable to prepare an attractive resume and stay safe from the inside out before applying for the job. Read the points mentioned below to know how to apply for the top 10 arts.

  • Students are advised to search for different applications such as LinkedIn, Naukri.com, etc. To apply for different jobs.
  • They should prepare an attractive CV and include relevant information about it. Make the resume in the updated structure.
  • Students can apply for jobs online. Most companies have a “job” link on their official portal. Students can also apply through these links.
  • Apart from this, you can also search for major companies email id and submit your resume.