July 20, 2024

Top 10 Universities in the World

Are you interested to take admission in top most university of the world? Looking for the list of such universities? Wanted to know about the details of the universities?

Then you are just at the right place to get all your answers. In this article, we have enlisted the top most 10 universities of the world around the world. Also the details of the universities are included. This could be a great help to anyone who are interested in the admission to these designated colleges.

  1. Stanford university, California

Hope you have heard this name many times. It is one of the most popular universities of the world situated at the Palo Alto, California. Stanford university or better called as Stanford is a private research institute which was founded in the year 1885.

For academic session, the university follows two sessions- autumn quarter and the sprig quarter. The university has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. The institution is having 18 independent laboratories, centers and institutes.

In the ranking scales, this university has always ranked high. According to the report of Times, it has been “the Harvard of the 21st Century”.

  • University of Oxford

Another great university which is located at Oxford, England, the university is considered the Oldest among all. It is being said that university has been established in 1096. All total 38 constituent colleges comprised of this college. The academic departments are divided into four divisions. All of these colleges are having their own control body maintaining themselves. Oxford university has been ranked as best by the Times higher education world university rankings.

It is also the house of Rhodes scholarship, considered the world’s oldest International scholarship.

The university also allowed women’s education and examination system. The university is a member of the Russell Group of research-led British universities, the G5, the League of European Research universities.

  • Harvard university

The renowned and this oldest institution have been located in Cambridge at Massachusetts. This university is a private Ivy League research university. This university is considered the prestigious one for its influence, history and the wealth of the college. Harvard was established in the year 1636 and currently having more than six thousands undergraduates and more than 15,000 post graduates.

The academic system is being divided into eleven separate units.

The university is a residential research institute accredited by the New England Association of schools and college, 1929. You can get 46 undergraduate majors, 134 graduate degrees,  32 professional degrees, 400 master degrees,512  doctoral degrees. The academic session is based on semester system starting at September and ending in mid of may.

  • Massachusetts Institute of technology

It is another private research university which was established in 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The university as established to support the rapid growth of the industrialization of the United States. Earlier it was well known for the Physical science and engineering courses and studies. Currently Biology, economics and linguistic and management also got included in it.

This top university is being accredited by New England Association of schools and colleges.

Among the ranking, it is also one of the top most universities of the world. This has also having  name in collaboration between the academics, industry and Government and thus pioneered the research program.

  • University of Cambridge

In England, this university has been founded in the year 1209 which was granted the Royal Charter by King Henry III. The Cambridge University is the second oldest of the top most universities of the world. This university includes the 31 constituents’ colleges and more than 100 academics departments. All these are properly organized and divided in to six schools.

Even this university is having their press well known as the Cambridge University Press. It is the world’s largest, oldest publishing house. the management body of the university is also operating scientific and cultural museums. They numbers to eights. The university library is having 15 million books.

  • Imperial College of London

The renowned university is located in London, United Kingdom. This is also a public research university. This college is having long term collaboration with the Massachusetts University.

The Imperial college’s main campus is located in the South Kensington and a new innovation campus in white city.  At Silwood Park, the college is also having a research centers.

The university mainly emphasis on the application and practical experiment of science and technology. Most of the foreign students take admission to this university. More than 140 countries are represented in this college.

  • California Institute of Technology

Commonly termed as the Caltech, is a private doctorate granting research institute. The university is located in California, United States. This university is having a strong foundation for the natural science and engineering. It was established in the year 1891.

The university is having six academics divisions whose major subjects are engineering and science. Also it supported sponsored researched of nearly $332 million.

This is a residential research university which is having majority in graduate programs. Accreditation is being given by the western Association of schools and colleges. The academic session is on quarter system.

  •  University of California

University of California is located at Berkeley, United States.  The university is established in the year 1868 and considered as the Flagship institutions. It is a public research university where more than 40,000 students are studying in different 350 undergraduate and graduate degrees programs.

This university is one of the 14 founding members of the Association of American universities.

  • Princeton University

The university was earlier known as the College of New Jersey, established in the year 1746. The name changed to the present name in the year 1896. It is another private Ivy league research university. It is situated at the Princeton, New Jersey.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees are provided in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago is another private and non-profit research university. The university is established in the year 1890 in Chicago. The university is also well known for some of the professional courses. Basically, it is having five academic research divisions and seven different professional schools.

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