July 17, 2024

Top 10 work from home jobs for 2021

For a long time, people were skeptical about working from home because they felt it paid less or they didn’t have many perks. However, returning to the office still seems like a long way to go, thanks to the pandemic. In this case, the best way out is to look on the bright side of things and try to maximize your productivity while sitting in your home safety net.

Since last year, most of us have had to work from home during the pandemic and we have realized that it is possible. Some have grown to love their work from home that they are now eager to switch to the traditional 9 to 5 working hours in the office. Even companies are now focusing more on improving the productivity of their employees rather than on their working hours.

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Best WFH Jobs

Working from home is the new normal, so let’s take a look at the jobs you can do in 2021 and craft a new career path.

What you will need most for these professions is a stable internet connection and a computer!

Online writer

An online writer profile is ideal for those with a natural talent for writing. If you’re Wordsworth in your group writing anything and almost everything for your friends, you have a valuable skill. There are many options available to people who want to pursue writing online. You can work as a full-time writer at a company, become a freelance writer, or start your own blog. Additionally, writers have the flexibility to enter any field, from academia and marketing to healthcare and technology. Among the writers, digital marketing writers and technical writers are among the highest paid professions. You can make writing your full-time online job or side business profitable while continuing your education or current job.

Social media manager

The social media manager is aware of the latest trends and has a solid understanding of the target audience. His day-to-day responsibilities include creating planners, timely posting, and creating new designs and captions. The company hires these professionals to maintain and enhance its brand image and increase the reach of its product or service. They also expect you to interact with your target audience or potential customers by answering their questions in the DMS or comments. So, you can actually say that a social media manager handles multiple things at once and maintains a brand image on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Website developer

A website developer can create websites for individuals and businesses. You can choose to work as a freelancer or work for a company that allows you to work from home. These people specialize in front-end or back-end development. Professionals who can handle both are known as integrated developers. There is a huge demand for complete software developers. If you want to become a website developer, you have to learn some programming languages ​​on demand. Once you’ve created a commendable portfolio showcasing your successful projects, you’re good to go!

Data Analyst

A data analyst analyzes company data and creates a forecast model. Basically, they deal with the collection and processing of big data. Therefore, they can also work from home, as long as the company allows it. However, they have to interact with the team of data experts on frequent video calls to give an update. Many data analysts have started working from home during the lockdown, and now companies are offering jobs that give them the freedom to work from anywhere.

Graphic designer

Digital art is on the rise and artwork created by digital artists is just as great as paintings and physical drawings. People who have the creative flair for drawing with one eye for unusual color combinations are the ones who would do just as well as graphic designers. One of the best work from home where you can do what you love creating artwork for websites, game companies and product outlets. You can also work as a logo designer – companies pay good money to have professional logos designed for their brand identity.

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Have you already mastered a skill? Or do you know in detail a specific area in which you can advise? Start your consultation right away! A consultant is an expert who guides and informs his clients, so you should gather a lot of work experience before considering this option. Create an online presence on LinkedIn and other platforms before you start. We also recommend a website that lists all your services to make you look like a pro.

Online Tutor

People spend a lot of money on online courses, so one thing is clear: online learning is here to stay. As an online teacher, you can take private lessons for individual students or teach multiple students in multiple batches. For example, people pay English teachers well. So if you have English language skills, make sure you use them well. You can teach any subject of your choice, something you excel at. Many college students teach primary and secondary school students online. It is a great way to earn pocket money.

Personal trainer

Are you good at yoga, aerobics, zumba, or dance? Then you can take on a personal trainer job, inviting people to your home (or any location of your choice) and training them. Some of these coach roles require certification, so earning a professional certification would be a huge career boost. Marketing and promoting yourself becomes essential because it is like owning a freelance business where you provide a service.

Digital Marketer

Social media marketing is limited to social media platforms, while digital marketing includes all marketing modes that exist on the Internet, such as websites and emails. As a digital marketer, you are responsible for planning, creating ad copy and running email campaigns. These professionals also report the data and sales generated by their marketing to the company. Learning digital marketing doesn’t take much time. There are many online courses available that you can follow.

Financial advisor

Are you good at finances and do you understand most things related to money or economics? Then the role of a financial advisor is right for you. The financial advisor advises clients to use their money in a better way to get significant benefits in the short or long term. However, it would be best if you have some credibility to start as a financial advisor, which can be built over time as you continue to work in the field.


Many of these skills can be developed over time as more experience is gained, but some require learning from appropriate and well-organized courses. These skills tend more towards the technical aspect, such as web development and data analysis. If you aspire to become a data scientist, then a data science course is more than enough. However, if you want to level up and learn on-demand skills, a machine learning course will place your leagues above your competition. Aspiring software developers can opt for software engineering programs, which is one of our top recommendations.