June 17, 2024

Do you want to learn Spanish? Checklist of Top 5 Institutes Offering Spanish Language Courses in India

Top Institute To Learn Spanish

As new trends develop, learning a new language seems to lead the way. Learning a foreign language can be a challenging task, but it opens new windows of opportunity for the individual. Not only that, but also for the cognitive function of the brain, bilingual people have an advantage.

Spanish is one of the extensively spoken languages ​​in the world. It is official or national in more than 20 countries. The language is harmonious and will help you meet new people and open up new horizons for you. Below are some of the institutions in India that offer Spanish language course.

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Henry Harvin Language Academy

Henry Harvin Language Academy offers a wide range of courses, from skill development to technical growth. They also provide students with a unified framework with completion of many stages, from beginner to advanced.

They offer a 9 in 1 package that includes training, projects, certifications, internships, boot camps, hackathons, and placements, among other things. The course is carried out by trained and experienced professionals, using the European framework as a basis, which is very important for the Spanish language. It’s easy to use and has 100% hands-on training with lifetime access and support. Fpr, C2 Level 1 has to pay a fee of Rs 15,000.

Instituto Cervantes

Instituto Cervantes was established in 1981 by the Government of Spain to promote the teaching of the Spanish language and to make the world more aware of American and Hispanic cultures.

The Cervantes Institute is located in New Delhi near Canute Place. His specialty is promoting the use of language and culture, not the technical aspect of it. It is an opportunity to explore and learn about a wide range of Spanish-speaking cultures.

Students also have access to its library, which contains a large selection of Hispanic and Hispanic literature, films, magazines, and newspapers from around the world.

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Hispania Institute

The Hispania Institute, Pancsheel Park, was the first private Spanish language institution in the country. It is known for providing lessons to students who want to improve their Spanish language skills.

School of Spanish

The Spanish School is located in Mukherjee Nagar. They participate in a holistic approach towards language learning and language building. Their services include classroom training, online lessons, translation lessons, and travel guides, among other things. They also offer training for DELE exams. This test is administered by the Spanish Embassy, ​​which can then be used consecutively to study and work in Spain.

Mundo Latino

Located in Kotla, INPEFA (the Peruvian Embassy), as well as the embassies of Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela, are all associated with Mundo Latino, the Spanish teaching institution in Delhi. Its goal is to improve students’ speaking skills so that they feel confident speaking the language. They offer language courses from beginner to advanced level.