May 20, 2024

Top English Speaking Institutes in India

English is a language that is popular all around the world. It is spread over almost every country in the globe and almost a billion people are familiar with it. The use of English is diverse and there are so many different aspects related to the language that it can get difficult for someone to keep track of all the aspects. The basic education you get in school will only help you to understand some of the basics and not the entire structure.

So, whether you want to speak fluently in English or learn the entire structure, you will need to get admitted to a reputed institution. Have a look at these top English speaking institutions in India where you can apply. 

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The British Council – the British Council, India, is one of the most popular English speaking institutions in many cities around the country. They employ efficient and well-trained faculty who are really knowledgeable about the language. Their classrooms are modernized and sophisticated with all the important facilities. The British Council also provides student exchange programs and various other extracurricular activities to keep the students engaged. They have different courses regarding the skill set you want to develop and get an edge over others in the fluency of English. It is one of the oldest institutes that is offering such services and currently helps thousands of students across India.

Inlingua – The Inlingua International Institute was started in Switzerland and for many years they have been a top institute in India, offering the best English learning courses. Inlingua has more than 6 centers the country and all the branches have a highly trained and qualified set of faculty who ensure that the students receive top class English speaking abilities and skills. Their courses include Business English, Business Skills, General English, etc. They also put into use the latest technologies in order to make the learning more fun and sophisticated to the students. If you want to develop your English speaking or understanding skill, then Inlingua seems to be a really good option.

British Academy for the English Language – BAEFL or British Academy for the English Language is a renowned institute that is mainly situated around Delhi and the nearby cities, offering top-notch English enhancement courses at affordable rates. The courses are designed to allow the students to develop excellent English speaking and learning skills that will allow them to communicate in the language with smooth fluency. Spoken English Basic Course, Spoken English Advanced Course, Spoken English Comprehensive Course, Interview English Course, etc. are some of the top courses that are offered in this excellent institute. Apart from the supply of educational materials the institute also offers extracurricular activities to the students also.

Let’s Talk English – a popular English speaking institution where you will be able to revamp your English skills furthermore is Let’s Talk English. With several centers spread across the country, the institute has the main aim to offer the students with exemplary English learning facilities and provide the students with the guidance they have always looked out for. They focus on individual attention and also offer personal training classes as well if you want even better results. The centers are equipped with well-stocked libraries and comfortable classrooms. The faculty is comprised of English speaking experts and staff who will surely help you become more confident with time.

Bodhisutra – Bodhisutra is one of the too English speaking institutions in India. Run by IIT IIM faculty members in over 50 cities in India, the institute is growing at a rapid pace and currently serves more than a thousand students. They employ highly professional trainers and faculty members who ensure that you develop the skills and confidence required to speak and learn English quickly. They will help you build your grammar and also allow you to speak with excellent fluency using advanced English elements to provide better structure to your speaking.

Learning and developing skills and knowledge regarding the English language is a necessity in today’s world. It helps you communicate with others fluently and ensures that you get a nice grip over the language. All the institutions we have mentioned in this article are genuinely approved and really popular among the people. You can contact them or visit their websites to get more information about them.

image source-Hindi Panda