July 18, 2024

Top free online Government certifications for better career during pandemic

Online education is here to stay. As the pandemic continues, both novices and working professionals are finding it beneficial. You may be familiar with the many global MOOC platforms and how they help you find a job. But you will also find a variety of new and free online courses with certificates in India from government and government supported platforms such as AICTE, NPTEL and SWAYAM. Most of these platforms offer free or affordable courses. Also, these government certifications are for common skill sets from top institutes. So, build your relevant skill set with free government certification courses and improve your resume, even without going out in unprecedented times.

Best Free Online Government Courses With Certificates in India

Let’s take a look at the best certification and government course providers.

National Program for Enhanced Learning in Technology (NPTEL)

NPTEL, headquartered in IIT Madras (Chennai), was established in 2003 by seven Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. In 2014, I started offering online courses with IIT and IISc certificates.

Feature guides
  • Any student who is not part of IIT can obtain an IIT certificate upon completion.
  • All courses are free to register.
  • Online students receive three hours of video content each week. Besides, students are provided with an assignment, according to which they are categorized.
  • Online students gain an immersive learning experience through lab workshops.
  • The government certification is offered once students have passed the conferred certification exam in person, for a small fee.
  • The best of the course can be practiced with the course instructors.
Universities that offer government course certificates on NPTEL
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Roorkee
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Bombay
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Kanpur
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • IISc Bangalore
NPTEL Government Course Certificates

All NPTEL courses in all categories are AICTE accredited teacher development programs.

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  • Engineering
    -Experimental methods in fluid mechanics offered by IIT Guwahati
    -Geotechnical Engineering – 1 Submitted by IIT Bombay
    -Improvement in Chemical Engineering offered by IIT Kharagpur
    -Hydraulic engineering offered by IIT Kharagpur
  • Management
    -Introduction to Marketing Fundamentals given by IIT Roorkee Management Department
    -International business offered by IIT Roorkee
    -Leadership offered by IIT Kharagpur
    -Six Sigma provided by IIT Kharagpur
  • Technique
    -Fundamentals of Cloud Computing by IIT Kharagpur
    -Java programming provided by IIT Kharagpur
    -C++ Programming provided by IIT Kharagpur
    -Data structure and algorithms using Java provided by IIT Kharagpur
  • Data Science
    -AI Research Methods for Problem Solving Presented by IIT Madras
    -Data Science for Engineers by IIT Madras
    -Introduction to Machine Learning by IIT Kharagpur

SWAYAM (Active Learning Study Site for Young Aspiring Minds)

SWAYAM was launched in 2017 under the Digital India initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Feature guides
  • All courses are free to register.
  • Each course has video lectures.
  • Reading materials can be downloaded for free.
  • Online students can participate in exams and tests.
  • Students have an online discussion forum to clarify doubts among their peers.
  • The SWAYAM free online government courses are aimed at undergraduate and graduate students.
  • To obtain a government certificate from this platform, the student must take the paid certification exam in person.
SWAYAM Government Certification Course Coordinators

On the SWAYAM platform, you will find nine nationally recognized course coordinators offering technical and non-technical online courses. be:

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  • 1.AICTE: This platform offers technical courses at your own pace and on a weekly basis. In Swayam, government courses at AICTE are offered by top Indian universities including

– IIT Bombay
– Indian Council of Medical Research
– Hyderabad University
– Jadavpur University
– Shiv Nadar University

  • 2.NPTEL: This IIT-IISc joint venture offers several engineering level courses along with other categories including management, data science and technology. On the Swayam platform, you will find courses offered by other famous universities in addition to IIT and IISc. Some of them are mentioned below:

– IISER Mohali
– Kerala school of mathematics
– IISER Pune
– Texas A&M University

  • 3.UGC: Short for University Grants Committee, this legal organization of the Government of India provides non-technical education.
  • 4.CEC: The Consortium for Educational Communications is an inter-university center established by UGC. In Swayam, CEC offers online undergraduate courses offered by top universities such as

– Banaras Hindu University
– National University of Law
– University of Kashmir
– Central Punjab University, Bhatinda
– Mumbai University
– Netaji Sebha Open University
– Anna University
– Tezpur University

  • 5.NCERT – Swayam also offers online secondary education with NCERT.
  • 6.NIOS – The National Institute of Open Education is another SWAYAM coordinator providing school-wide education.
  • 7.IGNOU – For online undergraduate studies, SWAYAM has partnered with Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  • 8.IIMB – SWAYAM has also partnered with Indian Institute of Management Bangalore for online management studies from renowned faculty.
  • 9.NITTTR – On the SWAYAM platform, the National Institute for Technical Training and Research of Teachers offers a variety of courses for academic teachers.
Top Government Course Certificates in the SWAYAM-Wise Category
  • Management
    -Brand Management
    -Effective business communication
  • Technique
    -Computing fun with Python
  • Finance
    -Accounting and financial analysis
    -Also, explore our other complete listings of SWAYAM courses

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT)

This institute, based in Haridwar, offers short term online courses. It is India’s leading examination and certification institution in the field of Information, Electronics and Communications Technology (IECT).

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Feature guides
  • The courses are designed to provide advanced training in the areas of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, MATLAB and big data, among others.
  • Online students can participate in the online survey at the end of their programs.
  • Study materials are provided in the form of presentations and electronic links.
  • Courses are available at different levels, including O/A/B level, BCC/CCC, e-Gov, ESDM, CHM “O” level, etc.
  • The CCC Government Certificate courses offered by NIELIT are available in 23 regional languages, as well as English and Hindi.
  • The courses offered are self-paced.
  • Students can ask questions online.

Government Certificate Courses Offered by NIELIT Class Wise
  • Engineering
    -PG Diploma in VLSI and Embedded Device Design
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    -PG Diploma in Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0
    -Certificate Course in Cyber ​​Physical Systems and Internet of Things
    -In addition, explore another complete list of NIELIT courses

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Formed as an Apex advisory body in 1945, AICTE began partnering with major platforms during shutdown and created the Enhanced Skills Learning (ELIS) ​​portal. Through this initiative, beginners and working professionals can opt for technical training in various fields and enroll in free courses until May 15, 2020. However, as the lockdown continues, a large number of free government certificate courses can still be found with AICTE.

Feature guides
  • Students can learn from the best online course providers in India and abroad.
  • Most of the free courses are for beginners who plan to enter the job market with relevant technical skills.
AICTE’s main platforms offering free courses with government certification
  • EC Council CodeRed – Provides additional education for Internet professionals.
  • Learn Microsoft – This platform offers a variety of certifications in different Microsoft technologies through hands-on learning.
  • Brilliant Learning: This platform offers a variety of trend certification courses in data science, cloud computing, and cybersecurity, among others.
Free Online Government Certificates With AICTE Class
  • Technique
    -A practical introduction to cloud computing
    -Python for beginners
    -Host board websites for beginners with a SiteGround account
    -Business Cyber ​​Security: Basic Edition

Choosing Your Ideal Government Certificate Course

Here you are! We have highlighted the best online courses with certificates in India from the government for students and professionals. Depending on your current skills and needs, choose any of the above or explore more on our platform.