May 20, 2024

Top Maths Important Tricks For SSC CGL 2020

The SSC CGL 2020 is one of the most awaited government examinations that is going to be conducted in the coming months. The examination is conducted to fill up the vacancies which are available in the various posts in government ministries, departments and organisations of the Government of India. It will be a National Level entrance examination and the candidates will need to prepare themselves thoroughly to make sure that they crack this difficult exam. But there are some quick tips and tricks that will help you to make your preparations well for the examination. Therefore if you want to know about these Maths Important tricks have a look at this article.

Tips and tricks that you will need to follow

The Quantitative aptitude section of the SSC CGL 2020 exam will benefit you with 50 marks if you attempt most of the 25 questions. But there is 0.50 negative marking also. Keep these important tips in mind.

  • The very first thing you should be doing is to carefully read the question paper. You will get a minimum of 15 minutes time to read the paper and analyze it. This is the time you will need to identify the questions which you can easily solve first. Solve the difficult ones after the easiest ones are done.
  • Make sure to analyze each question and understand how much time it will take to solve them. This will help you with the time management and you will be able to complete the paper on time. Solve the questions which seems easy at the beginning because you wouldn’t want to lose solid marks from the questions you know the answer of.
  • Always try to attempt the short questions at the beginning and then attempt the lengthy ones. Never try to attempt the questions using long methods. You will need to use the quickest methods to calculate and find the answer of all the questions. Using short tricks and tips you will be able to solve them easily if you know the methods.
  • Always maintain a consistent speed and accuracy. Never falter or spend too much time behind a single question. If you think one of the question is taking too much time to get solved then move to the next. Keep it for the end. If you spend so much time behind one question then you will not have time for the rest of the questions.
  • In maths, you will need to keep the four basic concept – Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication, absolutely clear. Also mug up the multiplication tables upto 20. This will help you to get quick and accurate calculations easily.
  • Keep your mind calm and composed. Make sure to read a question very carefully before solving. Many a times candidates spend a lot of time calculating an answer which should have taken a few seconds but they thought it cannot be that easy. Therefore make sure to read the questions first and then think about the possibilities of an answer.
  • Practice is the key to success. Before sitting for the examination, make sure to solve as many mock tests you can. This will help you become familiar with the pattern and also allow you to develop the instincts to use your skills.

So here are some important maths important tricks for SSC CGL 2020. All these tips have been tried and tested. Therefore it will also be beneficial for you to follow them and help yourself score good marks in the SSC examination and get an opportunity in the high ranks of the government institutions.

image source-Entrance Exams