April 20, 2024

Top MBA Educational Institute All Over The World

The journey of education begins at school and mostly ends with the attainment of the master degree. Master of Business Administration often abbreviated as MBA. But why MBA? Well, this is a post-graduate degree that aids or helps students to become adept and expert in all types of business management whether it is a small one, family business, partnership business or big company business. Till date, it is the most popular and valued degree or qualification in India and also over the world.

Other Facts To Be Known About MBA

Eager to start your course? The qualification or degree of MBA is the most marked degree which can be only acquired after possessing a graduation degree. A student or a candidate who has appeared and successfully passed the CAT (Common Admission Test) exam has a prior and better chance in the MBA exam. Don’t have enough time on your hand? The Master of Business Administration or the MBA degree can be acquired on part time, full time, distance or regular learning basis.

Colleges, Courses And Fees Structure For MBA

The QS Global Ranking ranks all business schools or MBA institution around the world based on 5 crucial or critical factors: entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes; return on investment; thought leadership; and diversity, Employability. So which one shall you choose? Well, as per the afore-quoted organization, the top business schools for MBA studies this year are:

Harvard Graduate School Of Business, United States – It is the most beautiful and highest ranking business school in the world. It is also the originator of MBA studies and courses.
Instead, France – It is the most competitive institution around the globe and was foremost in offering MBA courses in Europe.
Paris, France – It is also renowned and a famous business school. Third in the world and second French MBA institute.
Stanford Graduate School Of Business, United States – Stanford’s MBA is the most valuable one in the United States than any other MBA institute in the country.
London Business School, United Kingdom – Most renowned and valued business school of the word for its MBA degree.
The Wharton School Of The University Of Pennsylvania, United States – It is on 6thh rank this year according to QS Global Raking organization.
Columbia Business School, United States – It ranks 8th in the organization’s list and is based in New York.
I.E., Business School, Spain – Raking 10th in the list is one of the most famous international institutes of the world.

Different colleges and universities offer different MBA courses for study. The most common MBA courses offered are:
• MBA in Marketing Management
• MBA in Finance Management
• MBA in Operation Management
• MBA in Human Resource Management
• MBA in System Management
Though a one year course, it needs a lot of investment. Tight budget? Don’t worry the fees structure is different for regular, distance, part time, full time. The fees vary from 50 thousand to 1 lakh 50 thousand which is higher in private universities and lower government universities.