July 17, 2024

Who is a business data analyst and why is this role important to businesses today?

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The role of data in the contemporary business landscape is paramount. Data plays an important role when it comes to making critical corporate decisions. The prediction of stochastic future trends has been constrained by the deployment of data-driven decision making by organizations.

When it comes to business data, the role of a business data analyst is indispensable. Let’s dive into what a business data analyst is and what a business data analyst does.

What is a business data analyst?

Business data analysts are professionals who play a very dynamic role in an organization. The role of a business analyst is often confused with the role of a data analyst; However, the difference between a business analyst and a data analyst can be huge depending on the organization. Business data analytics specialists act as a bridge between the technology domain and the business domain of an organization. So what does a business data analyst do on a daily basis?

A trusted business data analyst with responsibility for analyzing business, documenting organizational processes, evaluating business models, and proposing new technology changes. Additionally, a business data analyst is also responsible for improving the existing process, products, services, and programs, performing data analysis, and identifying prevailing gaps.

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If you look at it from a broader perspective, the role of a business data analyst also involves saving money for the company by investigating and remediating the situation through complex data analysis techniques. Business data analysts are also responsible for overall business growth and expansion. Based on their research, they need to identify new ways and a customer base to expand the business.

The Importance of a Business Data Analyst Today

The role of a business data analyst is multi-dimensional and involves managing different aspects of the business. From bridging the IT and business teams to finding profitable growth paths, there is a great deal of responsibility on the shoulders of a business data analyst. In the modern digital age, the importance of an enterprise data analyst has increased. The digital world has taken over the real world and the power of data is driving it. If you compare the amount of data stored and used today with the previous decade, you will be surprised. This demand for data usage and analytics will continue to grow in the future. More and more business decisions will be made after careful evaluation of the data metrics established by the organization.

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Business Data Analyst Jobs & Salary

The demand for a business data analyst is growing at a scale unprecedented in today’s scenario. However, there is a dearth of trained business data analysts who can take on this challenging role. This has created a strange situation where the demand for business data analysts is greater than the current supply of talented professionals, making it a lucrative career opportunity for those with a passion for business analysis.

Those aspiring to work as business data analysts can enroll in a data analyst certification course to gain an edge over the competition. Business data analyst skills often lead to a rewarding career opportunity for those seeking to learn and pursue a career in the data analytics field.

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Salaries for the role of business data analyst are very lucrative. The exact number depends on several factors, such as level of experience, job location, industry, and type of organization. In India, the average annual salary for a position is 7 lakh. At e-commerce giants like Amazon, high-ranking business analysts average about 17,000 per year. It’s safe to say that business data analytics jobs will continue to grow based on demand and see an increase in annual earnings for professionals in this field.


As we move into the digital age, decision-making will become more complex and fully data-driven. The role of a business data analyst will be indispensable for any organization that relies on the use of progressive technology to improve customer satisfaction. Enhance and validate your data analytics expertise by enrolling in our PG program in data analytics in partnership with Purdue University, and aim for faster career advancement and access to the institution of your dreams.